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5 Overnight Products for All Skin Types that help you Wake Up Fresh Faced and Brand New!

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We all made mistakes with our skincare regimen in 2018. Start the new year with a fool proof skincare routine that will help you put your fresh face forward in life! One of the fundamentals of a good skincare regimen is to have an overnight product that works well with your skin and helps replenish nutrients lost throughout the day.

All day your skin fights to free radicals and other pollutants present in the environment. At night it switches to “recovery mode” and focus on renewal. Utilising a good overnight product could be the pivotal change you need to embark on your journey for better skin!

We at Beauty Insider have a curated a collection of our 5 favourite products just for you. Try them out and start 2019 right!


Clinique is a brand that holds is own. Though on the pricier the Turnaround series is one that is often touted as a cult beauty favourite in most beauty communities.

This overnight moisturiser works on almost all skin types. The best part is at 50ml, you truly get your money worth. A little goes a long way so rub a little between your fingertips and spread evenly across the surface of your skin while avoiding the eye area.


Eucerin is a great brand for sensitive skin. This brand new product doubles down on good skin by being mimicking the renewal properties in most Dermatological treatments.

The agents contained in this product are most effective in plumping skin with time and work by peeling skin in a gentle manner.

It is touted to be both exfoliating yet moisturising allowing skin renewal to take place beyond the surface layer of the skin.


If you have not heard about this product you need to stop your life and head to the nearest Khiel’s store to get a sample pronto.

This recovery oil is made out of pure and natural ingredients and aims not just to replenish what is lost during the day but help your skin ease the production of such anti-ageing nutrients with time.

So much of ageing is due to the fact that skin has lost the ability to produce nutrients such as collagen and moisture with time. This midnight recovery oil is the best solution we can recommend suitable for almost every skin type.


This is a mask that you kills two birds with one stone. A moisturiser and a daily mask – we love it for its fuss free nature.

Unlike other richer serums or creams on the market, this is aims to do just hydrate your skin. Sometimes clogged pores could be a sign of dehydration. Pores thus start over producing oil to counter long term dehydration.

This sleeping mask is a lightweight formula that fits nicely into your current skincare regimen. The affordable price makes it suitable for everyone!


This newcomer in the market is quite the game changer. It aims to exfoliate and help with collagen production while improving skin elasticity which is a problem for most Asians.

Though it is not suitable for extremely sensitive skin, at this price point it truly does not hurt to try. Consensus is that the serum works when used 2-3 times a week. So try it out for yourself!