Be Pretty, Naturally! – 5 Questions People Most Often Ask About Natural Skincare

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Everyone is talking about natural skincare, but frankly many of us are still confused about it. Why is it “better” than the products we grew up with? What’s the difference between natural and organic? And (on a very real and practical level) why is it so expensive?

Chorus Supernatural gives you straight answers to these very valid questions. It’s part of the brand philosophy to keep things real, simple and accessible. Here’s what you need to know.

Why are all natural ingredients better for my skin?

It all boils down to safety. Over the last 60 years, 100,000 new chemicals have been created and introduced into our environment. Many of these are used in skincare to improve color, scent or texture. Others are preservatives.

While these chemicals won’t pose immediate harm, no one knows their long-term effects. For example, parabens are preservatives that a chemical structure that’s very close to estrogen. It’s been linked to the growth of hormone-sensitive breast cancer cells, but initially researchers said parabens were too weak to pose any real risk.

However, new studies have found that even low doses can interact with heregulin (a natural substance found in our breast tissue) for a more dangerous and powerful effect. (Read more about the breast cancer study.) Other tests on urine samples found that the average person can actually have very high levels of parabens because of the cumulative exposure to personal care products and preserved food.


Science is still clearly figuring things out — and unfortunately, consumers are the guinea pigs. While each product may have just minute amounts of each chemical, we get them from so many products and our bodies may not be able to process these properly. These remain in our system, collecting in our fatty tissue, organs, joints and subdermal areas. Who knows what problems they can cause?

“In general, natural source substances tend to be more easily processed by the body and are therefore much less likely to build up and create problems in the long term. So my position on this is… why be a guinea pig?” says Michael Beresford, President of Chorus Global. “Our motto regarding product formulation is ‘if in doubt leave it out.’”


Is there a difference between organic and natural skincare, and is one better than the other?

The answer is yes and no! “Truly organic products will only contain organically certified ingredients, and were made from plants grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers,” explains Beresford. However, it’s virtually impossible to produce 100% organic skincare products because of the lack of commercially viable preservatives or emulsifiers.

However, a product can be 100% naturally sourced. All ingredients, including those that can help extend shelf life or help a cream be absorbed are made from something you can actually find in Mother Nature. It can still be safe and effective – especially if a company is deeply committed to using only what is good for the body.

“At Chorus we are constantly reviewing our ingredients to find out if any new evidence has come forth to indicate that an ingredient has been deemed to be unsafe. If we ever come across [any evidence], we immediately find ways to remove or substitute it,” says Beresford. “This is one reason why our products are all rated as some of the safest in the industry on the Skin Deep website.”


Are all-natural products as effective as synthetic alternatives?

The effectivity of a product isn’t based on whether it’s natural or synthetic, but the skill and knowledge of the product formulator. There are good and bad synthetic products, just as there are good and bad all-natural products.

It boils down to understanding what the skin needs and what could help it. Every powerful cosmeceutical ingredient you can think of – collagen and elastin boosters, antioxidants, hydrators, sebum reducers – has a naturally sourced equivalent. The skincare brand chooses the best mix, and you choose what is best for your skin type and concern.

How can I tell if a product is really all-natural?

Unfortunately there are many products that will call themselves natural/organic even if they only use one or two such ingredients and then blend them with potentially toxic materials.

As a consumer, you can protect yourself by reading the label and looking for certifications from independent certifying bodies like Ecocert, Natrue, CertClean, NPA. You can also check websites devoted to product claims and safety. Skin Deep looks at every ingredient on a registered product and then gives a safety score. Chorus Supernatural has one of the top safety scores, and so is one of the safest in the market.

Why are natural skincare products more expensive?

Natural skincare brands usually contain high quality, effective ingredients. It also replaces artificial substances that are cheaper to produce but can pose long-term health risks.

However, Chorus Supernatural’s goal is to make 100% natural skincare affordable. So we still use really powerful ingredients, but we don’t spend on fancy packaging, celebrity endorsements, or glamorous advertising campaigns. Everything goes into the product, not the marketing.

And that’s why Chorus Supernatural products have a very reasonable price, considering its premium ingredients.

chorus-1Hear what real women have to say about Chorus Supernatural!

The best answer to any of your questions on the safety and efficiency of natural products will come from people who have used them. Anti-aging specialist Dr. Kimberly Crawford has said:

“It is my utmost pleasure to heartily endorse the Chorus line of skin-care, body-care and wellness products. After a thorough review, it appears that they contain a very bio-active ingredient – the Moor peat and water – which contain a variety of beneficial substances from humic acids, to salicylates, to herbals. In addition, the product line’s bases are plant-based, as free of preservatives as possible, and very pleasing to use. I have personally seen the skin-care line help to clear up acne, mild psoriasis, and to reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and other “cosmetic” blemishes.”

Chorus Supernatural has also received many glowing testimonials and reviews from customers

Got more questions? Visit the Chorus Supernatural Singapore website.

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