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5 Reasons Why Women are Switching To Mineral Makeup

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I used to hate mineral makeup. It was chalky and so tricky to apply – one wrong swish of my kabuki brush, and it would look white, dry and thick. But let me tell you: mineral makeup has come a looooong way.

Formulas have improved by leaps and bounds. The powders look and feel more natural, and now they come in convenient liquid formulas too. Plus, mineral foundation doesn’t have any oils, preservatives or fragrances. Natural and safe for the most sensitive skin? Mineral makeup FTW!

 I’m not the only new convert. Here are some reasons why more women are switching to mineral makeup, and some of the most popular brands.

Mineral makeup won’t clog your pores

Yeah, we know – there are lots of regular foundations that are non-comedogenic. But remember, you don’t just apply foundation every day. You wear cream, sunscreen, possibly even primer. Apply another layer of foundation on top, and you’re more likely to get clogs.

But since mineral makeup contains less filler ingredients – it’s just basically finely milled minerals mixed with pigments – you’re putting less gunk on your skin. Less clogged pores, less risk for breakouts.

However, it’s a myth to say that mineral makeuptreats or prevents acne. Celebrity dermatologist Francesco Fusco says acne can be caused by many things, including hormones or genetics. “The zinc in mineral foundation may soothe your skin, but it’s not a cure all.”

Mineral makeup adds to your sun protection

Mineral makeup contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – which is the same stuff in your sunscreen. “When you layer your skin with mineral particles, they act like little barriers to prevent UV rays from passing into your skin; the UV ray hits a mineral particle and bounces off of it and into space – sparing your skin,” explains renowned dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey.

Mineral makeup is safe for sensitive skin

The problem with sensitive skin is that you’re never sure exactly what you’re sensitive to. Is it a chemical compound, a fragrance, a dye? You never know when a cream or makeup product will irritate your skin.

Mineral makeup takes out the guesswork and risk because it contains no artificial colours or fragrances, parabens, preservatives or emollients that can trigger reactions. It’s more natural and pure – which is also why it’s becoming more popular today.

“There’s a big trend towards natural and organic beauty products. Even women who don’t have sensitive skin want to ‘go green and go natural,’” says cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer.

Mineral foundation is perfect for Singapore weather

Mineral makeup doesn’t have binders or waterproof ingredients in traditional long-wear or sweat-proof makeup, so you won’t get that all-day coverage.  However, since it doesn’t   contain oils or waxes, it won’t slide off your skin or get cakey. And it always, always feel light and fresh.  You may need a touch-up, but you won’t ever feel sticky or heavy.

 You can customize your own shades

Many mineral makeup brands offer a huge shade range, but even if you can’t buy the perfect match you can certainly mix them up!

“I like taking two shades that are close to my skin tone and mixing them in a small pot. That makes my foundation look three-dimensional and more natural,” says professional makeup artist Claudia Duran. “When my skin looks very dull or tired, I’ll add a little bit of yellow or pink mineral powder to my foundation mix.  That gives a very subtle glow that looks much more natural than using highlighter!”

Try these Popular Mineral Makeup Products

Bare Minerals Bare Pro. One of the oldest and most trusted mineral makeup brands, Bare Minerals introduced a liquid mineral foundation formula that combines convenience with natural-looking coverage.

Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals. Treat dull, dry skin to this mineral foundation! It hydrates, evens out your skintone, and gives a healthy glow.

PurMinerals Eye Polish. Why stop at mineral foundation? The mineral eyeshadow comes in a gel formula you can apply with a brush or your fingers. Works as eyeliner, too!

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. Beauty reviewers say that this foundation makes your skin look “lit from within.”

Bare Minerals Blush. Even women who don’t use mineral foundation are big fans of this mineral blush! “It looks so natural and the colour lasts all day. I want it in all shades!”

Glo Minerals Pressed Base. The benefits of mineral makeup, in the convenience of a compact. We also like the extensive shade range that suits Asian skin tones and undertones.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation. One of the best mineral foundations for oily, acne-prone skin! Full coverage hides redness, blemishes and pores. The clay controls oil.

MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation. One of the best mineral makeup for dry or ageing skin! It blurs imperfections and gives this magical satin finish. “It’s like FaceTune in a bottle!”

NYX Cosmetics Mineral Stick Foundation. One of the most popular and most affordable high-coverage mineral foundations. Easy to blend and build up, and fits nicely in a small makeup kit.