5 Secret Ways To Ship International Beauty Brands to Singapore.

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Its almost time for the annual Christmas Sales from the best beauty brands worldwide! Frustrated that your favourite brand has yet to make its way to our sunny shores? Fret not, Beauty Insider’s got you covered with the scoop of how to ship international beauty brands to Singapore. 

What is it? : A homegrown startup, this online platform has been in play since 2015. Reputed with its high acceptance rates and great customer approval rating. It seems like the best way to get all your beauty needs without begging your your friends to buy them back from their holidays.

How it works? :  The app helps you connect with Singaporeans who are travelling overseas. They help you run your beauty shopping errands for you. Once you post your item on the app along with how much you are willing to pay, Airfrov keeps your request live for up to a month. The average acceptance rate is between 8-10 days depending on how rare your beauty purchase is. From there, if a traveller accepts your request you communicate with the person directly to keep updated on the status of your order, Airfrov then delivers your purchase to your at your desired to location.

Why we like it? : It is simple and extremely easy to use. It also allows you to set your own price for an item in a “bidding” manner that gives you control over how much you’re willing to part with. Most of the travellers are based in Singapore so you don’t have to worry about credibility or long wait times.

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What is it? : An online website that incurs your International shipping costs by bringing it to a warehouse closer to Singapore. Get your favourite lipsticks from Colourpop, or cult favourite highlighters from Elf. They even have Walgreens, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie to cater to your US based beauty needs.

How it works? : This online service works as a middleman between your chosen online shopping site and your desired location. After you check out your order from their list of sites available, BuyandShipSG helps you input a closer Asian based location to fill up as a shipping address. These “warehouses” include Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. From that warehouse the platform charges you only for the weight of each item you purchase. This helps you make incredible savings on your shipping!

Why we like it? : Every confirmed delivery comes with a tracking number and there is a 100% guarantee on receiving your purchase for a much cheaper price than if you would buy it direct from the brand’s website. BuyandShipSG also has a rewards based system which means the more you spend the more you save.

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What is it? : An online based personal shopper service that links you up with shoppers all around the world! With the widest range of countries available from Norway to Thailand, it is the most extensive guide to cater to your beauty needs. You won’t need to worry about ever running out of that artisanal perfume that you love.

How it works? : Shopandbox links you up with seasoned personal shoppers to guide you through your purchases. This means that these personal shoppers can recommend similar or better items for you to try out to get the best out of your shopping experience! Think of having a personal local guide to cater to your every beauty need. Though the cost of shipping is incurred by you, it has a guaranteed express delivery of 1-3 days and is the quickest on our list.

Why we like it? : The online platform works so well mainly because of the high quality of their personal shoppers. Most shoppers go above and beyond to guide you through your process and you are very likely to discover new brands and products that you would not have otherwise. Your online shopping experience will not just be fuss free but extensive so what more can you ask for?

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What is it? : An online beauty website that curates much sought after sold-out favourites and ships it for free within Singapore. With brands from our favourite Youtubers like Huda Beauty and Jeffreestar you’ll be able to try out first-hand, products that are yet to be available in stores.

How it works? : Click and add to cart!

Why we like it? : They replenish their stocks frequently and keep up to date with new and limited edition collections that are released. Also they are known to bring in new brands upon request so if you gather enough friends to hound them, you just might get the the brand you desire for a much cheaper cost.

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What is it? : An app like Ebay or Amazon where people post their items for you to buy from. Most of them are young Singaporeans trying to hustle to earn some side cash so it tends to be negotiation friendly.

How it works? : Scroll through an easy to use interface where you can browse your favourite beauty products. The discounts you encounter will keep you coming back for more.

Why we like it? : Our personal experience is that Carousell can be a treasure trove of items selling at jaw-droppingly low prices. So if you’re willing to get your bargain hunter cap then this is the place for you. Be weary of sellers’ integrity, most Carousell accounts are legitimate but there are always bad apples out there so do check their account feedback before engaging in a sale.

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