5 Surprising Skin Care Mistakes You Should Stop Doing This 2018

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The truth is, most of us think skin care is purely common sense. We think skin care is as simple as washing your face daily, applying moisturizer and not going to bed with makeup on. While those are all indisputably great ways to take care of your skin’s health, there are still some things that don’t add up for everyone and that’s because there might be some skin care mistakes you are doing that’s damaging your skin without you even realizing it.

Here are 5 surprising skin care mistakes you are not aware you’re doing and should stop doing this year!


Settling for A Facial Wash That Makes Your Skin Feel Tight After Using

You might think that getting that tight feeling after washing your face is a normal effect of your anti-aging facial cleanser, chances are, you are wrong. If your face does not feel smooth, soft and supple, you are using either using the wrong facial cleanser for your skin type, or you are using a facial wash that is too harsh.

Switch to cleanser that is gentler. Most facial washes that are cream based have mild ingredients but strong enough to remove makeup residue and excess oil without damaging your skin.


Using Exfoliators Even When You Have Pimples and Zits

Exfoliators are great for buffing away dry skin, flaky patches and clean out your open pores. However, exfoliators are not the perfect products to remove your pimples and zits. If there is one thing your pimples and zit need, it’s being aggravated.

If you have pimples and zit but still want to exfoliate your skin, you can opt for topical serums instead of scrub exfoliators.


Not Wearing Foundation or the very least, BB Cream When You Go On About Your Day Outside

There’s this popular belief that not wearing makeup everyday is healthy because it lets your skin breathe. We are here to tell you, that is a myth. Our skin doesn’t have a respiratory system. Makeup actually protects your skin from environmental pollutions and dirt.

Most foundations and BB creams have this ingredient called “titanium dioxide” that acts as sun protectant.

Skipping The Sunscreen

Sunscreens are your best bet to battling skin diseases caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Plus, they are great anti-aging buddies too.

Applying sunscreen as base before putting on your makeup is great way to give your skin an adequate amount of protection from irritants, harmful sunrays and environmental pollution.


Setting Aside Diet As Main Cause of Skin Problems

It is easier to give in to junk foods than accept they’re trash and does not do any good to our body. But it’s the truth, it’s ugly and junk food tastes good, but it’s true.

Your diet heavily affects your skin. Excessive intake of sugary foods causes acne and breakouts. Try lessening your sugar intake, you will notice big skin difference in no time!

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