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5 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Korean-Style Perm

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Not getting bored with your hair is one of the hardest things to do. As Korean perms in Singapore is getting popular, not everyone is aware of how to maintain at, leaving it dull and lifeless that lacks the bounce it needs.

Perms are chemicals that are applied to your hair to help temporarily break the bonds, allowing for a restructuring of the bonds. This allows you to add permanent curls, or for you to remove them permanently. And the good news is, it’s available for everyone. Korean perms are suitable for short hair too. If you’re one of the girls who scream straight hair is boring but curls are so hard to manage, then this one is for you.

Do Not Rush Washing

After going out of the salon, wait for at least two to three days before using a shampoo as the curls need time to set, and you don’t want to wash them out before they do. This keeps the water or other chemicals from deactivating your perm and making your curls fall apart. It can also help keep your perm fresher for a longer time.

Use Products Made for Curls

There are a lot of products made especially for this. There are curling shampoos and curl-enhancing products but avoid creamy formulas, which can weigh the curls down. Try a conditioner with protein and minerals. It is safeguarding against frizz, static and flyaways helping to give you healthier-looking hair and perfectly polished, long-lasting shape.

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Re-shaping is the key

Crunch your curls upwards when you dry your hair to maintain the curve in the ends. As much as possible, do not use a towel to rub. Try using a cotton T-shirt or an old scarf to soak up moisture after a shower, since it doesn’t catch hair the way towels do.

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Finger brushing

The best part of having a wavy and curly hair is not needing to comb it. Don’t brush it to loosen it after, which will just create frizz. Refrain from running a hairbrush or comb through your hair after your hair has air dried, for the first few days. If you need a bit of detangling or just need to restyle your hair a bit, run your fingers through the length. Use them to gently divide your hair.

Trim Regularly

Get a trim quarterly. When your hair is too long and heavy, the curls will lose their bounce. Trimming the hair will help the curls spring up and keep your hair looking healthy and waiting too long to get your permed hair trimmed can cause the hair to become damaged.