The Ultimate Guide to the Korean Perm: Tips on How to Care for your Korean Perm

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 6, 2019
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With the Hallyu wave taking over the world, it is safe to say that the biggest beauty trendsetters hail from Korea. It is no different when it comes to hair. Enter Korean perms, the closest thing you can get to achieve that Korean drama look. Unlike the old-fashioned, frizzy curls perms used to give, the Korean perm focuses on giving gentler, more natural curls. So say goodbye to flat hair and hello to bouncy, natural curls!

Cold perm vs Digital perm?


Cold perms go way back to the ‘80s. This traditional perm technique involves soaking the hair with a cold solution and neutraliser before locking in the curls with a small to medium rod for extremely defined curls. With cold perms, you can expect much tighter curls that are more defined when hair is wet. Cold perms are still a popular choice for many as it is the most affordable and it is the less damaging to the scalp.

Unlike cold perms, digital perms — or the ‘Korean perm’ — involve curling the hair when it is dry. This perm technique uses a medium to large perm rod to create looser curls. Digital perms often leave hair with natural-looking curls that are more prominent when dry. Plus, digital perms are famously known for being low maintenance! However, digital perms do not work on all hair types and are more suitable for people with thick hair.

How much do Korean perms cost?

In Singapore, the price of Korean perms starts from $250. Although Korean perms tend to be a little pricier than cold perms, Korean perms are the way to go if you are looking that instant volume while having natural-looking, bouncy curls! 

For affordable digital perm services, we recommend TEAM Salon at The Star Vista. Digital perms at this salon start at the price of $185.

How long do Korean perms last?

Similar to other perms, Korean perms typically last from 6 to 10 months. However, without giving your perm the proper care, your perm will run the risk of becoming frizzy and tangled.

Beauty Insider has got you covered on the tips to help you keep that Korean perm looking fly!

Wait At Least 48 hours before Washing your Hair


Although it is tempting to wash your hair, especially with the humid weather in Singapore, your perm needs time to set. By washing your hair, you run the risk of making your curls fall apart faster. In order to keep your perm looking fresh, we recommend skipping the shampoo for two days after getting your perm.

Use Hair Products made for Curls

If you want to keep your C-Curl digital perm in place, use curl-enhancing products and crunch your curls upwards to keep them in place. Avoid using cream-based formulas as they weigh down the curls and flatten your hair instead of volumising it.

For C-Curl digital perms, head down to Act Point Salon. This salon has been lauded as Singapore’s best hair salon for perming, so you can be sure your hair is in safe hands. 

Stay Away from the Pool


Bad news for girls who love the water! Coming in contact with the water flattens your locks and may cause curls to fall apart easily. Furthermore, the chlorine in pools causes dehydration to the hair, which may leave your bouncy curls looking like a tangled mess.

If you are an avid swimmer, we recommend wearing a swim cap and conditioning your hair to protect your locks.

Avoid Heat-styling Tools


Skip the hair dryer and curling tools! The heat from these styling tools can damage your curls and increase the risk of hair frizz. If you must use a hairdryer, coat your hair with a thermal-protectant conditioner before applying any heat to your hair.

Trim regularly


When your hair gets longer over time, it weighs down the curls, causing your curls to lose their bounce. In order to combat this, get a trim regularly to spring those curls up. Plus, you can get rid of those pesky tangles to keep your curls looking fresh!

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