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5 Tips to Recover from Your New Year’s Hangover

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We here at Beauty Insider know it happens every year. Your New Year hangover that your promise will not happen seems to come round that corner every time the clock strikes 12 midnight. Don’t worry we’ve got the perfect tips to help you recover fast (and well) while you usher in the New Year with your loved ones the next day.

Water, water and did we say Water?

A Glass of Water is the Simplest Remedy to get rid of your Headache

Water is your best friend right now. You should be drinking up to 8 glasses a day no matter your drinking habits. However, most of the headache that comes with a hangover is due to your body being severely dehydrated.

Try a full glass of water with a Panadol if you need it then drink another one an hour later. It might be hard to think about being able to stomach that much liquid, if so try flavoured water or a fruit juice. Either way your body needs fluids if not that headache of yours is not going anywhere!

Have a Big Breakfast

Have a Big Breakfast when you get up in the Morning

Not the one from Mcdonald’s but if you want it got go for it! Greasy food can actually help you out more than you think. But the most important thing you can do for your body is to line your stomach with good healthy food if you did not already last night.

Retroactively introducing oil into your diet when you’re hungover can be detrimental to the puking experience that is hangovers so try to stomach as much as you can.

Get a Good Night’s Rest.

A Good Night’s Rest is important after a Night Out

It is a myth that a big night out drinking will help you have a good rest. In fact sleeping when you’re drunk prevents you from entering REM Sleep which is vital to repairing your skin and helping with long term memory recollection.

Definitely try to get a good night’s rest the day after your big drinking episode. Wind down early in the day and keep screens away from your bedroom for optimal sleep patterns. Your body is essentially running on a “nap” and needs all the rest it can get to start your day at a 100%.