5 Top Picks From SASA This Christmas

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Finding gifts for beauty lovers can be a daunting task. You have to take into account what they like, what skin type they belong to, what your budget is… the list gets longer. Well, if you are looking for gift ideas, look no further. SASA has conveniently launched their “Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide” featuring perfect gift ideas and even offers free gift delivery for orders above $50. Perfect! Whether you are gifting yourself, or your loved ones, here are 5 lovely gift sets that are perfect for any beauty lovers (or anyone, for that matter)

  1. For the Aloe Vera Maniac (Skincare)

Blumei – Jeju moisture aloe vera set

$30.40 usual price was $52.60

(Source: http://www.sasa.com.sg/shop/brands/blumei/blumei-jeju-moisture-aloe-vera-set/)

Everybody is raving about Aloe Vera at this moment, and I am totally onboard. The Jeju Moisture Aloe Vera set is perfect for skincare fanatics. The natural skin savior, can be used to moisturize from head to toe. For all the oily peeps out there, moisture can be quite a setback but Aloe Vera is actually perfect for oily skin due to its gel texture. It treats sunburns too, due to its soothing properties and can reduce skin inflammations, blistering and itchiness while helping the skin to heal more rapidly. For those with worries of stretch marks, try slathering this on such areas to lessen the visibility over time.

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  1. Chosunggah22 – Dong Gong Minn Rock It set (makeup)

$33 usual price $55

(Source: http://www.sasa.com.sg/shop/brands/chosungah22/chosunggah22-dong-gong-minn-rock-it-set/)

If you are thinking of gifting someone who is obsessed with makeup, Chosunggah22’s Dong Gong Minn Rock It Set is the perfect gift. Chosunggah22 is a K-Beauty line, started by South Korea’s leading makeup artist, Chosunggah. According to avid Korean Beauty fans, she is responsible for shaping K-Beauty into what it is today. Well, having worked with all of the K-Pop stars and celebrities, expect only the best formulas with their high pigment black mascara that is volumizing and has a curling effect. You could even consider not gift wrapping it, as their playful packaging is to-die-for.

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  1. Gosh- Argan hair care set (hair care)

$24.20 usual price $31.80

(Source: http://www.sasa.com.sg/shop/brands/gosh-professional/gosh-argan-hair-care-set/)

Gosh Argan Hair Care Set is an ideal gift for Argan Oil lovers or anyone looking to give their hair care a boost. Argan Oil provides plenty of benefits like hydrating and moisturizing all hair types. The oil does not weigh your hair down, which is perfect because nobody likes flat hair. Nobody. It is ideal to tackle flyaway hairs, wispy hair and can even be used for styling.

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  1. Soo Beauty- elixir donkey milk set (Skincare)

$30.20 usual price $47.80

(Source: http://www.sasa.com.sg/shop/brands/soo-beaute/soo-beaute-elixir-donkey-milk-set/)

For adventurous beauty lovers, Soo Beauty Elixir Donkey Milk Set is sure to leave an impression. The beauty world is constantly evolving, bringing new, innovative, ingredients to the beauty community with their newest key ingredient in skincare – Donkey Milk. Donkey Milk is hydrating and has four times the Vitamin C as cow’s milk, hence more nourishing for the skin. It’s benefits includes anti-oxidizing, firming, restoring and soothing.

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5. Marina De Bourbon – Tendre Reverence EDP ( Fragrance )

$50.40 usual price $69.00

(Source: http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Princesse-Marina-De-Bourbon/Tendre-Reverence-28350.html)

Perfumes are almost the hardest gift yet. If you are looking for a feminine perfume, try the Marina De Bourbon Tendre Reverence fragrance. It is a feminine and elegant fragrance, with floral, fruity and fresh scent notes. According to http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Princesse-Marina-De-Bourbon/Tendre-Reverence-28350.html, “The composition of Tendre Reverence is constructed as floral-fruity and opens with a gentle blend of dewy bergamot, currant and peach. The heart encompasses an opulent bouquet of pink peony, magnolia and frozen violets on a base of creamy shades of musk, sandalwood and vanilla”

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