singer celebrity short haircut for women

5 Celebrity Short Haircuts for Women — Trendy and Low Maintenance!

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Want a new look? Be inspired by these short haircuts for women by celebrity hair stylists, taken from the red carpet and runway. These will be the trendiest short haircuts for women in 2019.

short haircut for women


Anthony Nader — hairstylist to the stars who’s got his finger on all the trendiest haircuts for women – says this is his favorite short and sexy haircut.  “I think Kate Hudson’s choppy textured haircut is every woman’s hair crush!” he said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

He adds that this haircut proves that having short hair doesn’t limit your styling options. You can slick it back one day, or use hairwax to make it cute and textured the next. “It’s like asking your hairstylist for a two in one style,” he said.

And like all super short hair, this is quick and low maintenance. You don’t even need master blowdrying skills to look redcarpet worthy – just use your fingers!

runway short haircut for women


Model Edie Campbell was bored with her hair, and asked her stylist for a change in length and color. She sported her new look at Versace’s Fall/Winter runway show, and we love it!

In an interview, Campbell said that her stylist was inspired by Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick: a free-spirited, fun-loving and creative spirit who combined classy English breeding with an edgy, sexually liberated punkiness. (It was the 60s, after all.)

But you don’t have to be a wildchild to look great with new haircut for women. It works great with small, delicate features and will make your neck look really long and graceful. And it’s wash and wear!

Korean short haircut for women


Jenny House is one of the most famous salons in Korea, and rumor has it many Kpop and Kdrama actresses go there – and only there! – to have their hair done. We love how their short haircuts for women still look incredibly feminine.

For example, this chin-length haircut for women has lots of light, feathered layers. You get lots of volume and bounce, and your hairstylist can modify it to either soften harsh features or hide a round face.

Plus, the haircut looks so effortlessly chic, like you woke up with amazing hair. The only hair accessory you need? A fun and flirty attitude.

celebity short hair cut for women


Lana Condor of the runaway Netflix hit “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is proof of how a haircut can completely change your look. She looks so different from when she had long and straight  hair – like the lovestruck high school kid has all grown up.

In an interview, Lana said she cut off her hair for a new role, but she’s tempted to keep it that way forever. “I’m saving so much on shampoo and conditioner!”

singer celebrity short haircut for women


Singer Dua Lipa has worn her hair long and straight, long and wavy, dark brown and golden blonde. But of all her ladies hairstyles, we like this one the best. It proves that bobs don’t have to be boring. You can wear it sleek and simple, but with just a little texture, you get a rockstar vibe.

Stylist Anthony Nader predicts this will be a top haircut for women in 2019, since so many women in his salon are asking for it. He says it flatters a lot of facial shapes and can make hair look thicker. And while it’s sophisticated and suitable for older women, the modern cut can actually make you look younger, hip and chic.

celebrity short bob haircut for women


Here’s another take on the bob: Emily Ratajkowski’s sleek, slick look is about as glamorous as you can get, but she barely needed any styling!

This is a good haircut for women with fine and straight hair, who really can’t be bothered with a lot of styling product. Just blowdry for volume, part it in the middle, and you’re good to go.