how to burn more calories at gym

5 Ways to Burn More Calories From Your Workout

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Get the most out of your workouts! These moves can help you burn more calories when you exercise, so you can see better results in less time.

Switch your routines

Whether you’re a runner or a Pilates buff, you will always hit a plateau if you do the same kind of workout. Changing routines can help you use other muscle groups, so prevent overuse injuries and keep your body guessing. Even if your gym doesn’t offer a wide variety of group classes, you can use different equipment or change the speed and weight.

Use HIIT intervals

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can help you burn more calories. It’s also the best way to burn belly fat!

To do HIIT, include bursts of fast-paced intervals in your routine. For example, if you spend 30 minutes on the treadmill, you include about 5 intervals of 30-60 seconds where you’re running really fast. Increase the interval time and frequency as your strength and endurance improves.  

You can actually do HIIT exercises at home. There are tons of free Youtube workouts that are less than half an hour!

Do the full range of motion

To get the most calorie burn, you need to do the full range of motion. Bend as low as you can, jump as high as you can, engage every muscle as you lift those weights. Even if you’re doing the same workout, paying attention to your moves (and your posture) can make a big difference.

Do compound movements

When you do lunges, you’re just exercising your legs. But try wearing arm weights or using an overhead press at the same time!

By working out all parts of your body you save time and burn more calories. However, don’t try these multi-tasking moves if you’re trying out an unfamiliar workout or machine. You could strain a muscle with the wrong posture – and that only hurts your progress!  

Build muscle

Muscle mass burns more calories, even after your workout. Even if you’re a Zumba girl at heart, add dumb bell or body weight exercises to your regular routine.