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5 Women’s Vitamins That Can Help Prevent PMS Pain

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Don’t you just hate that time of the month? Cramps, bloating, headaches, backache… It’s not fun! The good news is that some women’s vitamins can help manage PMS symptoms. Take these if you always feel discomfort or even pain before or after your period.

 Vitamin B6

PMS pain and emotional mood swings are caused by a sharp increase of estrogen. Vitamin B6 helps your body produce more progesterone to balance out your hormone levels. It also regulates your serotonin and norepinephrine – two hormones that can help improve your mood.

Vitamin B12

If you have heavy periods, you need to replenish your red blood cells. Vitamin B12 can help prevent anemia, which may be one reason why you feel so weak during that time of the month.


In a study where women with severe PMS symptoms were given daily magnesium supplements, 95% said they had less breast pain and weight gain, 89% said they felt less tense and cranky, and 43% had less headaches.

In another study, women who took magnesium supplements that had Vitamin B6 experienced less cramps.

Fish Oil

Cod liver oil and salmon oil supplements contain a lot of DHAs and omega-threes, which can help improve moods and reduce cramps. One study done in 2011 even suggested that fish oil supplements were better at managing menstrual pain than ibuprofen.

And there’s a beauty bonus to taking fish oil – it can help you have better skin, hair and nails. Did we mention that it also helps to prevent heart disease? Definitely a health supplement all women should take!

Evening Primrose Oil

This is one of the most popular women’s vitamins. It can help balance your hormones to prevent headaches, cramps and back pain.  It’s so good at managing hormone levels that some people take it to alleviate menopause and endometriosis symptoms.