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Score these $52 Beauty Treatments from Vaniday!

Have you ever noticed that Singapore looks more beautiful the older she gets? Vaniday, Singapore’s number one marketplace for online booking of beauty & wellness treatments, reveals the country’s beauty secrets and celebrates National Day by offering a special selection of $52 beauty treatments.


Singapore is 52, but she looks and feels 18!


This agelessness began with the “garden city” vision, introduced only two years after the country’s independence in 1965. Since then, Singapore has made it her mission to be a place of clean-green living. If there is anyone you should take beauty tips from, it’s Singapore.


Here are her top three beauty secrets:


Take Care for Yourself


Score these $52 Beauty Treatments from Vaniday


Despite being the business hub of the Asia-Pacific and famous for urbanization, Singapore has maintained its reputation as a pristine garden city. Her fresh look is due to numerous eco-initiatives, public parks, and green spaces. Take some advice from Singapore and make personal care a priority. Simple things like removing makeup at the end of the day and applying toner and moisturiser will ensure your skin maintains a healthy glow.


Let your Colours Shine



Whether it’s Garden by the Bay, Chinatown, or Clarke Quay, Singapore never hesitates to let her colours shine. The country’s bright and playful landscape is one of the things we all love most about her. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold makeup and bright hair colours. Beauty treatments are a fun way to express your authentic style and personality. Get your confidence from Singapore and show off your shiny nails and pink hair with pride!


Embrace your Uniqueness


Score these $52 Beauty Treatments from Vaniday


From Merlion statues to Singlish, there are many things that make Singapore uniquely beautiful. It’s these special quirks that make her stand out from the rest. What’s your unique trait? Curly hair? A loud laugh? Freckles? Embrace it! Singapore didn’t become one of the most beautiful countries in the world by trying to look like everyone else. There’s nothing more beautiful than being you!


It might be her birthday, but you’re getting all the gifts! To celebrate Singapore’s independence, Vaniday is offering exclusive $52 promotions from August 7th-13th on a range of beauty and wellness treatments from Singapore’s top salons and spas.


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Majulah Singapura! 

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