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6 Best Alternatives To Micellar Water

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You’re not alone in your struggle to moisturise your face after a harsh session of make up removal. Though Micellar Water is the preferred choice amongst Singaporeans, it is not a skin friendly way to remove your makeup on a daily basis. There are many alternatives to micellar water that will do the job but better.

Using Micellar Water daily can lead to dry skin creating fine lines at an early age. Instead, it should only be used as a quick fix or on lazy days. If you are only using micellar water to cleanse your skin it can further lead to congested pores causing a nasty breakout of acne and blackheads if left unattended.

We seem to put our faces through more damage than they can handle with pore clogging makeup and the unforgiving Singaporean weather. A cleanser that is gentle yet does the job would be a preferred method. Don’t fret, these affordable alternatives to micellar water will effectively remove your makeup but also keep your skin from drying out.

Coconut Oil

Best used to remove eye makeup, coconut oil is an organic alternative to micellar water and a great way to remove your mascara and even eyelash glue after a long day. Remember to only use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, as it is the purest form and safest for any skin type. Though it can be used on the entire face, it tends to be clogging for oilier skin types and best used around the eye areas only.

Directions: Apply a half a table spoon of coconut oil and massage them into your fingers applying them on the eye in round circular motions. Rinse with a warm wash cloth for best results.

Jojoba Oil

Another toxic free all natural way to remove your makeup is to use Jojoba oil. Remember that not all jojoba oils are created the same, make sure to 100% unrefined Jojoba to remove your makeup after a long day.

Directions: Same as coconut oil, apply the oil to your fingers before massaging it all over your face. You might need to wash and reapply twice depending on how much makeup you have on but after a round of face wash your skin will be feeling tight and clean.

Origins Original Skin Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly with Willowherb

A gentle yet effective emulsifying gel like substance, this product from Origins comes at the affordable price tag of $23. It is free from Parabens and works as a better alternative to micellar water. It acts as both a cleanser and a makeup remover saving you money and time in your night time routine.

Directions: Apply to wet skin and work into a milky lather like substance. Rise and repeat if necessary.

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Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Retailing at SEPHORA online at $55 it might seem like something on the pricier end. But a little goes a long way, a pea sized amount is all you need. This light weight solid balm turns into a silky oil upon application and rinses off completely with just water.

Directions: Apply product to your finger tips and apply on dry skin. Rinse well with warm water to allow pores to be clean, pat to dry.

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Makeup Eraser

This product seems to be a go to for the lazy girl but in all honesty it does the job. Retailing at SEPHORA Singapore at $30, it lasts for countless washes and wipes off even the strongest waterproof eyeliner. This soft cloth seems to convert even the harshest critics. This environmentally friendly fuss free method is an incredible alternative to micellar water and a great way to remove your makeup just before a gym session at the end of a long day.

Directions: Just wet the cloth and begin cleansing on a dry face.

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Avène Gentle Milk Cleanser

Touted to work on all skin types, this milk cleanser is a non rinse formula that works. It allows you to skip multiple steps in your skin routine yet keep your skin free from dirt and grime. This gentle milk also nourishes and moisturises. It works by keeping a protective film over your skin layer preventing chemicals from harming the skin. At $35 and 200ml, you will certainly get your money’s worth while also taking care of your skin.

Directions: Apply to the palms of your hands and lay flat on top of the skin. Do not rub or apply too much pressure. Repeat this to remove all makeup. Wash if necessary, apply toner to finish.

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