6 Holy Grail Mineral Makeup Products that's Worth Every Dollar

6 Holy Grail Mineral Makeup Products that’s Worth Every Dollar

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With the “no makeup makeup look” trend, women have heavily relied on cosmetics to conceal flaws, dark spots and marks and the real “natural” tends to fly out to the window. This is what mineral makeup is here for, mainly.

Brands and products that combine skincare and makeup are incomparable! Proper skincare always plays an important role in pulling off the natural look and with mineral makeup; your skincare routine can be quicker and simpler. Making mineral makeup a perfect choice for on-the-go ladies!

Mineral makeup are usually offered in hefty price tags, and this is because mineral makeup simply is more packed than the regular ones- packed with more moisture, sun protection, vitamins and nutrients your skin actually needs to get by healthily daily.

We’ve listed down below a few amazing mineral makeup every woman can use no matter the season.

While these mineral makeup products may possibly work differently on different skin types, they all have two things in common: They’re usually hypoallergenic and safe to use, and they’re all worth every penny!

Covermark Mineral Wash

Mineral Wash


We can’t help but fall in love with this face wash! You can feel amazing moisture almost instantly after using this product! This one works like a clay mask that helps improve skin condition. It helps keep the skin smooth and moist, helping makeup to sit well and aids the penetration of lotion.

This product is also known to be of great help in washing away dirt from pores gently. It’s also colorless and fragrance-free; it doesn’t contain any possible irritants, hence, making it perfect and safe for those with sensitive skin types.

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Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact

Etude BB Compact

The best thing about this BB Compact is probably the ease of application. It comes with a puff that allows you to apply the product on the skin easily!

This mineral bb compact makeup from Etude is comprised of minute pearl powder particles for sheer, silky coverage. It works well with a naturally well-moisturized skin. Imagine a powdered product that does wonders and won’t leave your skin looking dry as it holds on to your skin’s natural moisture throughout the entire day!

You can also rely on this product as a setting powder on top of your foundation and concealer, if you’re feel the need to extra. It adds a brightening effect on the skin, and doesn’t make your skin look flat!

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MAC Mineralize Moisture Spf 15 Foundation


MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation


The key to acing the “no makeup” makeup look is acing the your base. We’re talking about skin prep and foundation here.

If you would like to up your natural makeup look a notch, this foundation is a great choice! The coverage it provides is sheer to medium and has a gel like foundation that makes it easy to blend- giving you room to control how much product you would only like to use. It helps cover up skin imperfections and helps equal your complexion.

It’s packed with Shea Butter, antioxidant Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and MAC’s 77-Mineral Complex and has SPF 15 too! Now tell us, isn’t this one really worth every penny?

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MAC Mineralize Blush

Mineralize Blush


Partnered with great skincare routine and skin makeup prep, this blush product line from MAC that is available in 11 different shades can make you look a million dollar bucks!

These blushes are lightweight and smoothly glide onto the skin without any struggle! It’s packed with “pearlized shimmer” as MAC puts it, to help give cheeks the dewy and healthy glow! It appears almost as if the color and glow are your natural cheeks color and skin glow!

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Enavose Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist

Evanose Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist

Infused with deep-sea minerals and aromatic fruit water, this mist delivers the perfect balance of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. It has UVA protection and is also alcohol free.

We think mists are underrated, don’t you think so? It provides so many benefits than it is credited for!

It protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, it soothes and quenches skin’s thirst for moisture plus it takes away the hassle of retouching your makeup because a.) It sets your makeup when you spray before and after you put on your makeup, b.) With just one spray in the middle of the day, it gives you an instant refreshed look!

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Ghassoul Mineral Clay Pack


This packed mineral clay pack is from Tsururi, a Japanese skincare brand but curated in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This product is formulated with 100% botanical ingredients just like the rest of the brands’ products.

It has small granules of sugar that also acts as exfoliator to help you get rid of your dead skins. Unlike the usual masks available in the market, this one is packed with moisture retaining ingredients like Argan Oil, Honey, Royal Jelly and more.

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