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7 Best Natural Deodorants Proven to Last in Singapore Weather

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Achievement unlocked: we found natural deodorants that can get you through a long, hot sticky day without getting stinky.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine’s extra-strength deodorant stops body odour in three ways: the zinc salts absorb and neutralize odour, natural botanicals kill bacteria that can cause you to stink, and it has a really fresh herbal scent.   

Plus, it’s 100% vegetable-derived and has no artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives that can irritate your skin.

Katfood Not a Hint deodorant

Katfood’s a Singapore brand that totally gets how hot and sticky our weather can be. So even if its deodorants are 100% natural and organic, it’s guaranteed to fight the smells and sweat. The seret lies in a winning mix of baking soda, arrowroot powder and cornstarch that keeps your ‘pits dry and fresh th whole day. It also contains tea-tree to fight odour-causing bacteria and give that extra clean and minty feeling.  

Schmidt’s Ylang Ylang + Calendula

Singapore beauty reviewers swear this is one of the best natural deodorants for Singapore weather. The powders soak up the sweat, and the high quality essential oils make you smell like a garden even when you’re personally wilting under the heat. You can get it in a convenient stick form, or apply it with a spatula from a small pot. (The second’s a bit of a hassle, but some women say it’s got a more potent formula.)

Puressentiel Organic Deodorant Spray  

This bestselling natural deodorant contains tea tree, lemon and lavender that not only smell fresh but kill bacteria. This is perfect if you want a gentle formula that won’t irritate your skin. Lemon is also a natural skin lightener, so it can help whiten dark ampits.

Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

If you tend to get really sweaty, this is one of the best natural deodorants for you. “I used to get these really embarrassing stains under my armpits. Worst of all, I’d get rashes around there too.” admits one Singapore beauty reviewer. “This deodorant saved me!”

The secret lies in the kaolin clay that sucks out all the sweat and oil, and shea butter and aloe vera that that heals irritated skin.

Lush The Greeench Deodorant Powder

“I love this natural deodorant powder because I can use it anywhere I get sweaty – armpits, inner thighs, even under my breasts. Sorry if TMI, but the struggle is real!” one beauty reviewer candidly shared on Amazon.

The thyme, tea tree and sage help fight body odor and the lycopodium powder keeps you fresh and dry.  

Aesop Spray Deodorant

If body odour is your biggest issue, then reach for this natural deodorant spray. It has 11 essential oils to keep you fragrant and fresh throughout the day. It’s also quick and easy to reapply – just spritz as you need it.

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