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7 Best Sleep Apps To Help You Conquer Insomnia and Get Better Sleep

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“Singaporeans are among the most sleep-deprived people on the planet,” said this report by the Straits Times. Blame it on stress and fast-paced life, but 44% toss and turn in their beds way past midnight every weekday. Are you one of them?

If you are, try downloading one of these sleep apps to help you calm down and de-stress by bedtime. Get quality sleep, and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

Relax Melodies. With over 35 million downloads and a 4.7 rating, this sleep app is tried, tested and loved by insomniacs around the world. Choose from over 100 music, relaxing sounds and meditations to create your own bedtime soundtrack.

Cost: Free with in-app purchase. Available only for iOS. Check it out.

Sleep Stories by Calm. They’re like bedtime stories for adults. Celebs like Stephen Fry, Matthew McConaughey and Leona Lewis read soothing tales. Only a few stories are free, but if you subscribe, you unlock a huge library and meditations especially for stress and sleep.

Cost: free for some features; $70/year for full access (there’s a free 7-day trial). Available for both Android and iOS. Check it out.

Noisli. This simple app lets you pick from different background noises (from rain falling to the quiet buzz of a coffee shop). You can use it to fall asleep, or to help you focus when you work. It’s gotten tons of positive reviews, and been featured in Time magazine, Life Hacker, and the New York Times.

Cost: Free online, $2 to download on iOS or Android. Check it out.

Sleepio. Get to the root of your insomnia. Sleepio brings together experts in sleep science and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Find out why you can’t sleep, and manage it with techniques that are based on 35 years of sleep research. Works with FitBit and other health apps for a total approach to wellness. Featured in Wired, The New Yorker, The Guardian, and other top newspapers.

Cost: It’s not cheap — a full year costs $400 00 — but its scientific approach can help chronic insomniacs. Check it out.

pzizz app

Pzziz. Hailed as one of the best sleep apps, its fans include J. K. Rowling, NBA star Roy Hibbert, and the late Steve Jobs. It’s not just a bunch of calming background noises — the app taps the science of psycho-acoustics and clinical sleep hypnosis. It also “”learns” your preferences and personalizes your mix through algorithms.
You can also pick from Nap, Sleep or Focus functions, and wake up with a built-in alarm.

Cost: free for some features, $60 for full access. Available for iOS and Android. Check it out.

Stop, Breathe & Think. If your insomnia’s caused by stress, this app can help you manage it throughout the day. Each time you’re upset, open it. It’ll guide you through a survey to analyze your mood and then you the meditation you need right at that moment. Cosmopolitan magazine hailed it as one of the best sleep and meditation apps in the market!

Cost: Free to download with in-app purchases. Available for iOS and Android. Check it out.

Headspace. This sleep and stress management app asks you what your specific concerns are, then gives the best meditations to help you through it. But there’s more: if you pay for a subscription, you can get a 30-day sleep course that can help you conquer insomnia and anxiety, and finally get restful, regular sleep.

Cost: One month is $12.99, or you can sign up for annual and pay $7.99 a month. Check it out.

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