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7 DIY Skin Care Tips from Celebrity Facialists

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Some of best skin care secrets don’t cost a single cent! Celebrity facialists like Kate Somerville and Joanne Vargas (their clients include Hollywood celebs!) share their tried and tested DIY skin care tips. (Tip # 3 is brilliant!)

Fight dark circles with teabags and spoons

Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville – yes, the creator behind the famous skincare line! – does this simple routine whenever her eyes are puffy or has dark circles. She steeps two bags of green tea in hot water, lets them cool, and leaves them on the eyes for 3 minutes. Immediately afterward she presses two cold spoons (just freeze them for a few minutes) against her eyes and temples.

Cleanse skin with sunflower oil

San Francisco facialist Kristina Holey says you don’t need expensive organic cleansers. “Sunflower oil is great for all skin types,” she says. She massages it into dry skin and then wipes it off with a warm, damp cloth. “The oil helps make my skin soft, smooth, and it thins the oil in the pores to remove debris.”

Strike a yoga pose while you wear a sheet mask

Joanna Vargas, who runs a skin care clinic in New York, says this is one of her favorite DIY skin care tips.  “I have found that doing downward dog while wearing a face mask makes my skin feel like I’m kicking my mask into overdrive. It’s no secret that yoga is good for your circulation and lymphatic system. I always see a big difference and I know my mask is penetrating better.”

diy skin care tips

Give yourself a strawberry jam eye mask

Laura Dobi, who runs a skin center in Maryland, spreads strawberry jam under her eyes whenever she wakes up with dark circles and puffy eyes. Strawberries have lots of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), vitamin C, and antioxidants. “It always works like a charm,” she says. “My eyes appear bright and refreshed.”

Get your glow going with Epsom salts

Elena Rubin, a New York aesthetician, tells all her clients to take a warm bath with Epsom salt before a big party. It draws out toxins and boosts blood flow, so you have glowing skin from head to toe.

Even out your skin tone with papaya and milk

Tammy Fender, a Florida celebrity facialist, says papaya and dairy products have enyzmes that correct discoloration while hydrating the skin. Her favorite DIY skin care tip is simple (and yummy!): mix two tablespoons of yogurt with 1 teaspoon milk and 2 tablespoons of mashed papaya. If you want some extra gentle exfoliation, add a tablespoon of raw oats.

Make your own lip scrub

Beverly Hills facialist Gina Marie mixes coconut oil, raw sugar and a pinch of cinnamon to make her own hydrating lip scrub. The oil moisturizes, the sugar exfoliates, and the cinnamon is a stimulant that makes your lips naturally pinker.

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