2017 beauty trends

7 hot beauty trends to try in 2017

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Update your look with these popular 2017 beauty trends! We share how to translate runway glam into something you can achieve every day.

1. Long hair

Think long, thick, healthy and pin-straight lengths. Beyonce rocked a waist-length do, and even Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande are showing off their long and shiny locks!

The secret to growing your hair without annoying split ends or mid-day frizz? Regular hair treatments and a shampoo and conditioner that protect your strands from UV damage and hair fall. (Check out our award-winning hair products!) If it’s healthy, your hair needs very little daily styling to look its best.

2. Glitter lips

Matte lipstick is still trending, but the fashion-forward can set themselves apart with rockstar-worthy glitter lips. Pat McGrath introduced it, but the beauty industry appropriated it. Now Instagram and every beauty blogger that’s in the know has joined Team Glitteratti. It’s easier to pull off than you think: just swipe on gloss and pat on glitter. Keep the rest of your makeup clean and bare so all attention goes to your glamour lip.

3. Underliner

If you’re still stuck in a kitten-eye obsession, then it’s time to try another way to add drama to your lids. The underline is basically bright liner on the lower lash line. This can be tricky to pull off if you’ve got dark circles or puffy eyes (it’ll draw attention to that part of your face) so either master your concealer game or apply colored liner on your upper lids.

4. Blurred lips

Put down the lip liner! The new lipstick trend has diffused edges. Just add more color to your cente rof your lips and blend outwards. Your best tool: your fingertips.  This is one of our fave 2017 beauty trends — we love a look that’s quick and easy to do!

5. Glossy everything

From lip gloss to shiny lids to a liquid sheen on the cheekbones, this year is all about glossy glam. Just don’t try this look on every part of your face at the same time, or you’ll look like you just walked out of a glue facial. For every day, achieve the look by applying a little facial oil into your base.

6. Microblading

Full brows are still popular, but instead of stenciled-in definition, people are going for a very natural look. If you’ve got thin brows, get microblading. This salon treatment involves using micro needles to deposit pigment into your skin.

7. Glitter strobing

Superfine glitters and strobing cream give your face a pretty halo glow. This look is perfect for clubbing and parties. While this is one of the more adventurous 2017 beauty trends — and certainly not one to try every day — add it to your beauty bucket list and try at least once. Because, you know, #yolo.

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