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7 Mistakes You’re Making When You Shave Your Legs

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Even if you’ve shaving your legs for years, you may still get cuts, bumps and annoying missed spots. Here’s what you’re doing wrong, and easy shaving tips that will help you get a perfect (and less painful) shave.

Shaving Mistake # 1: You shave as soon as you step in the shower.

We know you want to get it over with (and sometimes you’re really in a rush!). But you’ll get a much better shave if you wait 15 minutes so your body hair becomes softer and your hair follicles open up. Just don’t wait too long. Once your skin starts to wrinkle, it’ll be harder to get a close shave.

Shaving Mistake # 2: You shave in the morning.

This is one of our favorite easy shaving tips! You get a much closer and smoother shave at night, because your legs have swelled from all that walking.

 Shaving Mistake # 3: You’re not using a shaving cream.

Bar soap is not going to give you that rich lather and lubrication that you can get from a special shaving cream or gel. If you have absolutely no other choice, use a very thick hair conditioner.

Shaving Mistake # 4: You don’t exfoliate.

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and helps lift the hair (especially those that have become ingrown). Try dry brushing right before your shaving routine, or use one of these really yummy body scrubs.

Shaving Mistake # 5: You’re not using a good razor

While a single-blade razor will get the job done, investing in a four or five blade razor will help you get a close shave even in tricky areas like around the knees and ankles.

 Shaving Mistake # 6: You can’t remember the last time you replaced the razor.

Old razor blades are not only dull, but they may have trapped bacteria from sitting in your bathroom for weeks (or months!). Replace them after 5 to 10 shaves, or whenever you feel they’re not as sharp as they used to be.

Shaving Mistake # 7: You shave in up-and-down motions

Here’s one of the best easy shaving tricks we’ve heard: shave downwards, which is the direction your hair grows. Once you got most of the hair out, reapply the hair gel and then shave upwards to get a closer shave. Never do an up-and-down movement because that it will irritate your skin.