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7 Rules for Packing Beauty Products On Vacation

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So many beauty products, too little luggage space. So what do you really need to bring? How do you make it all fit into your bag? How can you be prepared for all beauty emergencies so you look gorgeous in all your holiday photos (but still make it, y’know, effortless). We’ve got the answers here.

Bring an Emergency Kit in your Purse

  • A refreshing face mist 
  • Makeup remover wipes
  • Concealer
  • Lip and Cheek stain 
  • Tissue
  • Small bottle of baby powder

 What, no powder compact? Yup. A face mist can refresh your makeup, which is better than reapplying powder on a sweaty face. You can use the baby powder on your body, and in a pinch, rub a tiny amount on your hands and press against your face to remove shine. What you really need is colour so you don’t look washed out in your photos – and a vibrant lip and cheek stain can do that!

Bring travel-sized samples or transfer into bottles

Instead of lugging big (and breakable!) jars of beauty products, scoop them into tiny jars and label. Don’t be tempted to just stop using creams and serums while you’re on holiday. Your skin actually needs extra TLC when you’re on holiday, because of the sun exposure and all the eating,drinking and late nights you’re probably going to pull.

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Pack sheet masks

If you’re on a long flight, wear one on the plane. And every night, put one on while soaking in that big hotel bathtub. “I actually bring sheet masks instead of serum – they take up less space but feel so good after along business meeting,” says Heidi, who travels 10 to 15 times a year because of her job.

She leaves them in the hotel room fridge. “I just avoid anything with acids like AHA, BHA or Vitamin C because it can irritate skin after being in the sun.”

Bring cologne instead of perfume 

You don’t want your expensive perfume bottles being tossedaround at baggage claim. Besides, you can apply colognes liberally – which iswhat you need when you’re walking around – and can transfer them to smallspritz bottles. Leave them in the hotel fridge overnight so they feel extra refreshing.  

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Don’t ever forget sunscreen

To save space, use a sunscreen that can be used on your faceand body. Put the bottle in a ziplock bag so it won’t mess up your clothes if it accidentally leaks.

Pack dual-purpose makeup

Aside from foundation, concealer and mascara, everything else in your makeup kit should serve more than one purpose.

  • Pick a brown matte eyeshadow that you can use bothon your eyes and for your brows
  • Use a lip and cheek tint
  • Bring a small angled eye brush and a small fluffy brush. Use the liner brush to turn mascara into liner: just rub it against the mascara wand and then use that to line the eyes. Then use the brown matte eyeshadow to smudge it for more definition.
  • Optional: a pale shimmer eyeshadow that you canuse both for your eyes and as a highlighter.
  • If you have oily skin, pack a primer. You need it now more than ever!

Avoid bringing big and expensive palettes, because they can break if your luggage gets lost or tossed around a lot. Just for practicality’ssake, never bring something that would make you cry like a baby if something happened to it.

Botanist Botanical Hair Oil

Bring hair oil or serum

It’s inconvenient to lug around a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner, even if we all know those hotel toiletries aren’t going to do muchfor your hair. “My hair feels thick and gets frizzy without my hair products,but I can’t bring them all with me on my trips! Instead, I bring my hair oil. Iuse it as a leave-in conditioner at night, and I can also use it to tame theends or slick my hair into a neat bun or ponytail,” says Sammy, a travel writer.

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