7 Habits That Make Colored Hair Fade Faster

Stop your Hair Color from Fading – Follow these 7 tips to prevent faster hair color fade!

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We were shocked at how so many of our daily habits are stripping off that gorgeous hair color that cost us so many dollars and hours at your favorite Singapore hair salon. We promise to stop doing this – cross our hearts and hope to dye.

Using the wrong hair styling tools

High temperatures on blowdryers and heat irons can break down molecules in hair color. Look for hair styling tools that have low settings or even special settings for colored hair. Another hair tip: style your hair every other day. To get beachy waves without reaching for your hair iron, braid your hair while its damp and then unfurl your curls when you reach the office. The Goody QuikStyle paddle brush has absorbent microfiber bristles that soak in water to dry hair as you detangle.

Also avoid hair styling products that contain alcohol as a main ingredient. It dries out your hair, and makes color fade faster.

Styling hair without a heat protectant

Heat protectant products not only help keep your hair color lfresh, they protect your hair cuticles. Any chemical hair treatment will affect your hair cuticles, and the daily styling will weaken them further. If you’re worried that heat protectants will weigh down your hair and make it feel heavy, reach for a spray formula like Tresemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. We also love L’Oréal Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray, made especially to protect hair color and add shine.

Washing hair every day

If your scalp and hair isn’t the type to get oily, wash and shampoo every other day. You can also control grease with dry shampoo. Look for products that have cyclodextrin deposits, which will absorb oil (let it rest on your scalp for a minute before brushing off). If your hair tends to look flat, look for a volumizing dry shampoo. If your scalp tends to get really greasy, check out these hair salons that have hair treatments for oily scalp. 

Washing with hot water

We love hot showers, but that blast of heat isn’t doing any favors to your colored hair. If you can’t live without a relaxing hot bath, protect hair with a shower cap and then wash and rinse strands with cool water.

Using the wrong shampoo

Look for a sulfate-free and salt-free shampoo, which is gentler on colored hair. If you can’t get your hands on one, dilute your shampoo with conditioner so it’s milder. Great hair tip: apply coconut oil on the ends of your hair to seal the cuticles and protect it from chemicals in the shampoo.

Going outdoors without a deep conditioner

Chlorine in swimming pools can ruin your hair and even change your hair color. So your colored hair doesn’t soak in that nasty chemical, apply a deep conditioner right before you dive in. It’ll even keep your hair from drying out.
If you’re staying outdoors – whether you’re going on a jog or a weekend road trip – apply a leave in conditioner, ideally one with UV protection. Hair tip: wet your hair and coat it with the sunblock you usually use on your skin.

Skipping the hair mask

If you’ve been in the sun the whole day or have gone swimming, treat yourself (and your strands!) to a hair mask. If you style your hair every day, do this on a weekend. Hair masks help restore moisture, nurture the cuticle and scalp, and keep your hair at its healthiest (dry, damaged colored hair tends to look flat and dull). You can try one at home, or treat yourself to a luxury hair treatment at a Singapore hair salon.

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