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7 Ways Rescue Overplucked Brows

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Born with thin brows or got too tweezer-happy? Grow back overplucked eyebrows and keep them pretty while you wait.

1.  Stop tweezing. We mean it.

Overplucked eyebrows need at least 4 months to grow back. In some cases, it may take a year or more. Resist the urge to fix them while they’re in that weird, scraggly, in-between phase. Lock up those tweezers. Throw them away if you have to.

2.  Condition your brows

There are special brow conditioners, like Revitalash Revitabrow, Brow Realash, Talika Eyebrow Lipocils, and Benefit’s Browvo. Some claim to make your brows grow back faster, and double as a primer or eyebrow tint.

If you’re on a strict beauty budget, just take any hair mask and brush your brows with an old mascara wand.

3. Take your hair supplements

The supplements that help your hair grow will help your brows, too. The best hair vitamins will contain biotin, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and iron. While your brows won’t sprout back overnight, the nutrients will help hair become stronger and thicker. Beauty bonus: your skill will look better, too! (Check our Beauty Insider reviews of hair supplements.)

4. Get the right brow products

While you’re growing out your brows, use an eyebrow product with a waxy formula and set with a powder. Cover any eyebrow stubble with a creamy concealer.

5. Play up other features

Now’s the best time to wear a statement lip color or get really cute bangs and hair accessories. People won’t notice your overplucked eyebrows – just your trendy haircut and rockstar lips! Avoid heavy eyeliner or kitten flick, which will draw attention to your arches.

6. Get your brows tinted

While you can buy a brow tint, it’s worth going to a brow salon. They can pick a color that will make your hair look thicker, and apply it in a way that enhances the shape. (Check out the Aesthetics & Beauty directory of Singapore brow experts!)(Check out the Aesthetics & Beauty directory of Singapore brow experts!)

7. Turn to the pros

After your brows have grown back, go to a brow salon or brow bar instead of plucking them yourself. Let the pros give you the perfect eyebrow shape, then maintain it at home with tweezers.