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7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Yoga Classes

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“I can’t survive a week without my yoga class,” says Tracy, who takes Yoga Singapore classes thrice a week. It helps her manage stress and stretches her back after hours of sitting in front of her computer. But as happy as she is with her yoga class, she wants to take it to the next level. “Yoga is very relaxing but I wish it were more challenging. I feel like I’ve hit a plateau.”

Here are some ways to maximize your yoga workout so you reap more of its mental and physical benefits.

Put yourself in The Zone

Sam goes to a yoga studio in Singapore that’s about a 15 minute walk from her office. “I try to get myself emotionally and mentally prepared for my class,” she says. As she shuts down her computer, she plays relaxing instrumental music and puts away the stuff on her desk. “Physically decluttering my table feels like a symbolic way of distancing myself from the stress at work,” she says. As she walks to her class, she consciously blocks out worries about deadlines. “I tell myself I will deal with work tomorrow, but for now, I am going to take care of myself.” She also avoids phone calls and messages. “Everyone in the office knows I am unavailable from 6pm to 8pm. It’s really important to treat your Me Time as you would an important client meeting where you can’t be disturbed.”

Arrive early

If you rush in just in time you’ll be too stressed to really get into the class. Go in early and give yourself time to unwind and get into the zone. You’ll also be able to pick a good spot that will give you a good view of the teacher.

Have an Intention

Have you read The Secret and other positive thinking books? They say that thoughts are powerful forces that can attract negative and positive energy. Many yoga classes in Singapore will include meditations and mantras, but don’t wait for your teacher to put you in a positive mindframe. When you go into class, carry an intention – or a desired outcome or change – in your mind and heart. Think of yoga classes as a a way of clearing out the exhausting energies so you can welcome something good into your life. “I would tell myself I am breathing out stress and breathing in prosperity and positive influences,” says Sasha, a Yoga Singapore teacher.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Do you have trouble doing poses correctly because of backpain, a trick shoulder or problems with balancing? Approach your teacher before or after class and ask for tips or modifications. Don’t be shy – it’s part of a yoga teacher’s job, and you can only get better if you speak up and ask for help!

Challenge yourself

Sign up for a harder class, or ask your teacher for more challenging modifications. ackling a difficult pose is a great way to grow both physically and mentally,” says Los Angeles yoga instructor Dempsey Marks. “It builds patience, helps overcome fear, advances your practice, and increases confidence. Just remember to be honest and have your instructor spot you for things like difficult inversions when you’re first learning.”

Take a light snack before your class

A banana or a protein shake can help you fuel up for class without making you feel too heavy or bloated. Take it about 40 minutes before your class, so you have time to digest it and feel the burst of energy.

Explore different types of yoga Singapore classes

Singapore yoga studios offer several kinds of yoga, from hatha to vinyasa to ashtanga. If you’ve been doing yoga for several months – maybe at a gym or at home — you may want to explore these classes and meet other people who love yoga as much as you do.