fine limp hair

7 Ways To Give Volume To Super Fine Hair

Ten minutes after blowdrying, fine limp hair just collapses like a deflated tire. Here are ways to create volume that lasts.

1. Work the short haircut

Long cuts will weigh your hair down and make it look even flatter. Choose a haircut that’s above the shoulders. Layers and color can add depth and dimension to make your hair look thicker. Try an uneven, messy fringe. You can get regular highlights or the shatush method (different shades of the same color).

Change the way you wash your hair


Apply shampoo just to your scalp, then spread lather across the hair strands. Look for a product for fine limp hair.  Try Chorus Thicken Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. (Love that scent: ginger and mandarin, rosemary and mint… feast for the senses!)

Apply conditioner and hair masks just to the hair strands, avoiding the scalp completely. Since fine hair can be very brittle and prone to split ends, concentrate most of the product on the hair tips, and avoid rubbing the ends.

Use dry shampoos

katfood-cuckoo-dry-shmapooOvershampooing strips the hair of its protective layer, and overconditioning weighs it down. So wash your hair just 2 or 3 times a week.

Between washes, use a dry shampoo to clean the roots and give them a little lift and volume. Try Katfood Cuckoo Dry Shampoo. This is also great for extra hot, humid days  when your scalp can feel extra greasy.


Massage your scalp

You can get a weekly scalp treatment (oh heaven!) or do it on your own at home. Massages boost circulation, which encourages healthy hair growth. And it feels amaaaazing. If you’re massively busy and stressed, a well-done scalp massage can relax you fast if you don’t have time to go to a spa.

Blow dry from the bottom

Bend forward, flipping your hair in front of your face, then blowdry the roots. You’ll instantly get more volume. Get more styling hacks from  Garnier’s Signature series video:


Don’t overload on styling products

Too much mousse or styling foam will clump up and weigh down your hair. So how much should you use? If you have short hair, use a walnut-sized amount. If you have shoulder-length hair, use approximately the size of a chicken egg. For very long hair, you need about the size of a tennis ball.

Change your hair part

Try a zigzag, low side parting, or just flipping hair the opposite way. This really simple trick will give your fine limp hair more volume.


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