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8 Beauty Tips To Help You Look Less Tired

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Tired of looking tired? These beauty tips can make you look more awake, refreshed, and glowing with good health – even if you’ve only had a few hours of sleep.

Beauty Tip # 1: Don’t skip the skincare

Tired skin needs extra hydration. If you have time, sneak in a sheet mask before applying any makeup. (You can wear one while you’re having breakfast or coffee. Try these 7 Korean sheet masks when you’ve had too many late nights.) If you’ve only got a few extra seconds to spare, spray a facial mist and pat it into the skin.

This extra step will revive your skin and will actually make your makeup look better.  

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Beauty Tip # 2: Add a little strategic shimmer

Bring out that highlighter! With a small makeup brush, apply on the inner corner of our eyes, the middle of your lids, and along your brow bone. This lights up your entire eye area.

So you don’t end up with highlighter all over your eyes, wear eyeshadow primer and tap the brush before applying. A little goes a long way!

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Beauty Tip # 3: Don’t overdo the concealer

Resist the temptation to apply gobs of concealer to hide those super dark circles. Your skin gets drier when you haven’t had sleep, so thick concealer will just get cakey.

Instead, apply concealer in thin layers, blending carefully with a damp sponge like the Beauty Blender. Set with a yellow powder or a brightening translucent powder.

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Beauty Tip # 4: Use two shades of eyeliner

One of our favorite beauty tips! Use a black eyeliner on the upper lid, and a nude or white eyeliner on your lower lid. The black eyeliner makes your lashes look thicker and adds more definition, while the light eyeliner make your eyes look bigger. This neat trick can really make your eyes look big, bright and beautiful.

Beauty Tip # 5: Curl your lashes

If you’re too exhausted to even do your makeup, skip all the other beauty tips except this one. A good lash curler + two coats of mascara and nobody will ever know that you’re so tired you want to cry. (But if you still want to cry, better make that waterproof mascara.)

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Beauty Tip # 6: Fake a sun-kissed face

Use a bronzer with just a very subtle shimmer. Then, with a fluffy brush, apply just a little to the apples of your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and your hairline.

You don’t want a lot of bronzer – you’re not contouring, just giving your skin a little extra glow. (Just like what you’d get after you a day at the beach.) Heavy bronzer will only make your skin look even more dull and tired.

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Beauty Tip # 7: Pick a warm lipstick colour

Your best bet is a lipstick with pink or peach tones. Red may be too harsh since it will make you look pale (unless you choose a cherry red or a lip tint). And if you want a fresh-faced look, reach for a cream or a gloss instead of a matte. It’ll help create that illusion of radiance and shine, and is (admittedly) a lot easier to apply when you’re feeling tired.

We recommend: a coral lipstick (Pantone’s colour of the year) is right on trend for 2019!

Beauty Tip # 8: Don’t forget blush!

When you’re tired, blush is your best friend. Cream blush can help fake that “inner glow” and instantly adds life to your face. Another great makeup tip: after patting it on your cheeks, apply whatever’s left on your fingers on your eyelids.