8 Blowdrying Mistakes That Everyone Makes, According to Pros

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Why does your hair look sooo amazing when you’re getting a professional blowout at a hair salon, then falls flat (literally) when you try to recreate it at home? It could be because you’re blowdrying your hair all wrong. Here are some of the most common blowdrying mistakes.

1. You’re using a bad blowdryer

If you have thick hair, or style your hair often, then invest in a quality blowdryer. “A cheap blow dryer can damage your hair, while a great one will protect your hair and blow-dry it quicker,” says Kérastase celebrity stylist Jennifer Yepez.

Some features to look for: multiple heat settings, a cool shot button, and ionic air technology. While they can be more expensive, you’ll prevent a lot of bad hair days. Your hair dries faster, you get less frizz and more shine, and your hair won’t get damaged. Read our tips for buying the best blowdryer.

2. You leave your hair wrapped in a towel for too long

The towel can soak up some water, but if you leave it wrapped too long, the towel fibers can rub against the hair and cause frizziness and split ends. Remember, hair is weakest when it’s wet, so even a soft towel can damage your hair.

Celebrity stylist Giovanni Vaccaro says you should only wrap your hair for 10 minutes (just so you don’t drip all over the floor or your shirt) then leave your hair to air dry. He also suggests wrapping your hair in an old shirt instead of a towel.

3. You air dry your hair too long

Never blowdry really wet hair… but don’t wait it to be too dry either. So uhm… exactly what is the perfect amount of moisture?

According to Vaccaro, it depends on your hair texture. Medium to fine hair should be about 80% dry, so you don’t damage it by blowdrying it too long. Thick or curly hair should be 50% dry, because it’s easier to style this kind of texture when it’s damp.

4. You use your brush right away

When you start blowdrying your hair, set your blowdryer to medium or low and rough dry it for a minute. Then, section it with a comb. Only then do you start styling it with a round brush.

5. You don’t apply heat protectant products properly

Hair stylist Sam Lopez says most people apply heat-protectants like serum only on the top of their head, forgetting to spray the back or sides. Make sure to spray products evenly, by parting your hair into sections and then applying it systematically. This also goes for products that control frizziness or add shine.

6. You don’t use the nozzle attachment

The best blowdryers come with a nozzle attachment that helps concentrate the hot air.

“A nozzle is a must for a smooth finish!” Vaccaro says. “It puts distance between the hair and the lip of the dryer, which is the hottest point.” Plus, since the nozzle concentrates the heat instead of blasting it everywhere, you get less frizz.

7. You’re not using the right brush

Choose the right hairbrush for your hair texture or the style you want. Round brushes are the best for adding volume,but the material makes a difference too. Vaccaro says boar bristle brushes are best for coarse hair, while ceramic brushes are best for fine or straight hair.

8. You start blowdrying from the back

Start where the hair is most visible — namely the temples, hairline, crown and bangs, then move backwards to the nape. If you start in the back, your hair in the front will be too dry when you start styling it. You won’t get the volume or sleekness that you want.

One blowdrying hack if you’re in a rush: roll bangs or the front part of your head into curlers, so you get that “lift” while styling the rest of your hair.