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8 Make-Up Mistake To Avoid ” Cheap” Looking on Your Face

Makeup is a powerful double-edged sword. When done well, it can turn heads on the street. However, with improper techniques, even high-end, ride-or-die product recommendations from beauty vloggers can make your makeup look cheap and out-of-date. Don’t waste the potential of your products by avoiding these makeup mistakes!



Mistake 1: Picking a foundation that is too light for your skin tone


Fair skin has always been a symbol of beauty and elegance. However, picking a foundation too light for your actual skin tone can make you look like a Wayang opera singer. Unless that is the look you are going for, make sure you colour match to your actual skin tone, instead of picking something that is way too light.

Tip: Colour-match by swatching the foundation on the side of your jaw instead of your wrist. Typically, the skin on your wrist tends to be fairer since it is rarely exposed to the sun, giving you the illusion that your skin tone is lighter than it actually is!

Already bought a foundation that is too light and you cannot return it? Try using it as an under-eye concealer to brighten up the eye area! If not, apply it on the centre of the forehead and along the nose bridge for a subtle highlight in the centre of the face.

Mistake 2: Piling on way too much foundation


Unfortunate bearers of acne scars and blemishes tend to be guilty of this. Never pile on foundation to cover up those blotchy unsightly scars or risk emphasising them and look older than you actually are!

Tip: Apply your foundation starting from the centre of the face and blending it outwards using a beauty blender or a stippling brush. That way, most of the product will be concentrated on the centre of the face where you need the most coverage. If there are still stubborn scars peeking through your foundation, lightly dab some concealer on them to blend them into the foundation for a flawless canvas.

Mistake 3: Forgetting your neck and hairline


Forgetting to apply foundation onto the neck and hairline makes your makeup look unnatural and fake. No one wants to look like they have a mask on!

Tip: What else is there to say? Remember your neck and hairline! Don’t worry about getting foundation on your hair. Even if you do, it’s not noticeable!



Mistake 4: Not priming your lids for eyeshadows


Putting on eyeshadow without primer in hot and sunny Singapore is a recipe for disaster. Throughout the day, your lids tend to get oilier, causing the beautiful eyeshadow to smudge everywhere. A good eyeshadow primer will keep your eye makeup in place so that you look stunning all day!

Tip: If you don’t have eyeshadow primer in your collection, try putting some concealer on your eyelids to conceal any discoloration and prime the lids. Remember to set the concealer with some loose powder to prevent creasing!

Mistake 5: Uneven eyeliner wing tips


All cat eyeliner lovers will know the struggle of uneven wing tips. Draw one higher and the other or one fatter than the other, and you feel the itching need to start over again. Stop wasting precious time redoing your eyeliner!

Tip: Start by drawing the wing tips first. That way you can adjust them to make sure they are even before lining the eyes. For beginners who need some extra help, use name cards or tape to help guide you as you draw your eyeliner.

Mistake 6: Overdrawn eyebrows


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the frames that structure the face. Drawing your brows too thick or dark may make you look older and grumpier. If you have dark hair, your brows should actually be 2 to 3 shades lighter than your hair colour!

Tip: For small corrections, try using a cotton bud with a bit of moisturiser to remove some of the product. If that is not strong enough, try cotton buds with makeup remover instead. The Sephora Targeted Eye Remover Swabs is a great travel-friendly option for those on-the-go!



Mistake 7: Too much blush


Having too much blush on the apples of your cheeks can make you look like the big-head dolls you see in lion dances during Chinese New Year. This gaudy look flatters no one and can easily make your makeup look cheap and old.

Tip: For powder blushes, use a fluffy powder brush and for cream blushes, use a stippling brush. These brushes are meant to disperse product so that you don’t end up concentrating your blush on the apples of your cheeks. Spread your blush – sparingly – along with your cheekbones upwards and blending into your contour for a natural, flushed look. Always go light-handed first – it’s always easier to add product than to remove it!



Mistake 8: Applying lippies on dry and crusty lips


Longwearing lippies tend to be more drying on the lips. Without proper care, prolonged wear can make your lips feel dry and look crusty. Applying drying lippies onto crusty lips emphasises the lines on your lips, adding years to your look. Make sure you moisturise your lips regularly with lip balm!

Tip: For a quick solution, apply an intensive lip treatment like the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask at the start of your makeup routine. This is to ensure that by the time you apply your lippie, the lip treatment has time to moisturise your lips for easy exfoliation. Before applying, gently scrub off the dead skin with a damp wash cloth to reveal soft and supple

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