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9 Chic Ponytail Hairstyles from Celebs and Models

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Ponytails are the easiest, fastest way to fix your hair. But who said simple had to be boring? We found these ponytail hairstyles from red carpet events, commercial shoots and the runway.

Get Sporty

Hailey Bieber wore this 80s’-inspired ponytail hairstyle for a Falcon fashion show.

Add Ponytail Extensions

Love Ariana Grande’s look? Her hairstylist Chris Appleton suggests using Bungee Elastics because regular ones won’t hold such a high ponytail in place. F


Chris Appleton also created this look for Kylie Jenner. It’s a really simple hairdo: just make a clean sidepart and tie it back. The big difference is ponytail hair extensions. His ponytail tip: secure clip-ins at the base, and add them in layers. It looks more natural!

Twist and pin

Here’s another gorgeous twist to the ponytail: just wrap one strand around the hair tie and then secure with a bobby pin. So pretty!


Add a Hair Accessory


Try a Ladder Ponytail

Sometimes all you need to level up your ponytail hairstyles is a couple of extra hair ties.


Here’s another way to do this ponytail hairstyle! It reminds us of a modern Greek goddess. (Also, a very good way to control frizzy hair.)


And here’s the same style with a different vibe. This is one of our fave ponytail hairstyles for summer!