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9 Hacks for Fake Eyelashes That Make Them So Much Easier to Use

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Fake lashes give instant drama and definition, but they can be such a hassle to apply and clean. Well if you love the look but are  1) busy 2) lazy or 3) a total klutz — we’re all three! – these beauty hacks are for you.

Keep them in shape

Storing the lashes in their original case will keep them in shape. But for extra curve (and to make them easier to fit around your eye shape) wrap them around a makeup brush for a few minutes before applying.

Trim them to size

Are your fake eyelashes too long or wide for your eyes? Customize them. Place them right against your lashline and cut off the excess.

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Layer for drama

For extra volume and drama, layer two sets of lashes. Get one pair that has longer and fuller lashes at the edge, and another that has full criss-crossing lashes.

Cut your fake lashes up

Do you find it hard to line up the falsies against your lash line? Cut the fake lashes  into two or three pieces. It’ll be easier to apply them by sections before the glue dries. You also use a half-set if you want a more natural cat eye.

You can also cut a full set of fake eyelashes into several small sections. Voila, you now have several individual lashes that you can use whatever you want!

The best way to apply the fake eyelash glue

Use only a thin strip and wait about 40 seconds so it gets “tacky” before applying it to your eyes. You’ll notice that the fake eyelashes stick better and faster (and the glue won’t get in your eyes!)

Oh, and here’s another tip: put more glue on the outer corner of the fake eyelashes, since these are the ones that usually pop out of place. Use a bobby pin or a cotton bud to spread the glue where you need it most.

cleaning fake lashes

Get the mirror angle right

It’s easier to put on fake lashes when you’re looking down. Rest your elbows on a table, and put a low mirror between them.

The safe way to remove false eyelashes

Pulling them off can damage your natural lashes. Instead, soak a cotton bud in eye makeup remover and gently rub on your lash line. Then, wipe the eyelid with a cotton pad to remove any leftover glue.

Use oil-free eye makeup remover

Oils will stick to your lashes and make them more difficult to apply later on. Use a water-based eyemakeup remover like Bioderma or micellar water.

The best way to clean fake eyelashes

You need to clean fake eyelashes well, or they’ll be covered with bacteria that can cause eye infections.  Here’s how to clean them without ruining their shape.