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9 Makeup Tips to Look Good in Holiday Photos

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How do you do your makeup so you look good in all your holiday photos? These makeup tips will help you look gorgeous in every pic, even without Instagram filters.

Makeup Tip # 1: Always use a primer

Primers can make your makeup last longer and blur imperfections that can be magnified by cameras. Look for primers for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you need one that contains silicones that will fill in pores and maintain a matte finish.If you have dry skin, you need one that gives glow and radiance.

Makeup Tip # 2: Apply foundation to your face and neck

The color difference on your face and neck will look more obvious in photos (even if you can’t see it in the mirror). Apply foundation down your neck and even to your chest if you’re wearing a low dress. If you’re wearingyour hair up, apply it on your ears and nape, too!

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Makeup Tip # 3: Use a bright blush

Camera lighting can make you look washed out in photos. If you know you’re going to take lots of pics, pick a brighter, well pigmented blush. Just blend well so you don’t look like a clown!

If it’s going to be a long day, layer cream blush with powder blush in similar shades. Your powder blush can have a bit of shimmer to add glow. Just avoid huge glitter specks – you’re aiming for natural glow, not unicorn sparkle.

Makeup Tip # 4: Avoid reverse raccoon eyes

Flash photography can make undereye concealer look extra white,which looks even worse than having dark under eye circles. Instead of usingsuper-opaque formula, use a color corrector to cancel out dark circles. Then,mix your usual concealer with a bit of your foundation so it’s closer to your skin tone.

Makeup Tip # 5: Give your brow a lot of wow

Your eyebrows can give your face more definition and highlight your bone structure (especially if it’s combined with contouring and highlighting). Fill in brows with pencil or shadow, and then groom them with a brow brush or wax. Don’t forget to pay attention to the tails!

One of our favorite makeup tips: apply concealer with a small brush or cotton bud right below the brow to further emphasize the shape, then put a bit of highlighter along the arch.

Makeup Tip # 6: Use liquid liner

You need a very dark eyeliner so your eyes will pop in your photos. Eye pencils just won’t cut it – they look good in real life, but are too subtle for high definition pics. We recommend using a gel liner or a liquid liner, and applying it really close to the lashline. One of our favorite makeup tips: if you only have an eye pencil, just warm it up with a lighter. Or, you can use your mascara – just use a small angled blush to apply along the lash line. (Read our other time-saving, budget-friendly makeup hacks.)

Makeup Tip # 7: Define your lips

Apply concealer around your lips. Then, take a lip penciland carefully draw around the edges. Pay extra attention to the cupid’s bow, orthe top center of your lips. (You can draw an X to get it to look perfect.)  Fill it in with lipstick, blot, reapplylipstick, blot.

Makeup Tip # 8: Highlight  the inner corners of your eyes

 This is a very easy way to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Just apply a little highlighter or gold shimmer eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes. Now you look like you’ve just had 8 extra hours of sleep!

Makeup Tip # 9: Don’t overpowder your face

Personally, we prefer refreshing makeup with a face mist or using blotting papers to remove extra shine. Overapplying powder will make you foundation cake and can contribute to looking really white in your photos. And if you’re adding more powder foundation without retouching your blush or lipstick, you’ll end up looking pale in your pics.

If you’re super oily, just apply powder only where you need it. And if you notice you always need to retouch your foundation, then it’s time to look around for a long-wear formula for your skin type.