99 Percent Hair Studio: The Head to Toe Beauty Makeover of Your Dreams ( Transform your hair with NO bleach & damage ! )

99 Percent Hair Studio in Singapore was founded in the year 2011 and it is a place where excellence is strived for and sincere efforts are taken just to put a smile on their customers’ faces. The team at this professional hair salon compromises of a passionate and dedicated group of soulful hairstylists who. The salons believes in the phrase “we will give one hundred percent to our everyday, will only be ninety-nine percent satisfied from our yesterdays and will always strive one hundred and one percent for their tomorrows”. 

At 99 Percent Hair Studio, they have services like hair straightening, hair curling, haircuts, and hair colouring. Their hair salon’s colouring services are one of a kind, like seen in the video, how she achieve her desired hair colour without the need of bleaching her hair, with her hair looking as luscious as ever. 

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