Academie: Heavy Duty Skincare Products that Feel Weightless

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Many skincare routines seem to be laborious and do not cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of a working Singaporean woman. Moreover, anti-pollution skincare is hard to come by. Academie’s skincare products targets a developed country’s environmental concerns while adapting to the changing needs of a modern day woman. Discover the best of anti-pollution skincare that does not feel heavy on your skin yet does the job no other brand can!

Academie’s Brand History


Its humble roots began in France in1890, as a family owned company. They held beauty salons and licensed therapists in high regard and believed in selling beauty products only through those channels. Since then much research and development has happened to help the brand meet the changing demands of the skincare market. Two of their products made the cut to join our Skincare Supremes in the recent Beauty Award Winners 2019.

Best Sunscreen Protection – 365 White UV Screen

White Derm Acte 365 White UV Screen – $118

A lightweight formula that is perfect for Singaporean weather this is the perfect all day, under makeup sunscreen for the hot Singapore sun. The sunscreen seeps into pores quickly without leaving a white cast on your makeup. The sunscreen contains melon extracts which is anti-oxidant rich perfect in rejuvenating skin cells in dry and tired skin. This anti-pollution skincare product perfects skin complexion and even evens out hyper pigmentation with continued use.

The sunscreen has the usual functions of being both UVA/UVB protective and an SPF of 50++. It also prevents you from getting affected by pollution by creating a layer between free radicals that exist in the atmosphere. Indoor pollution is a silent killer. For example staying indoors in an office environment can lead to larger your pores and add to dull and uneven skin. Easy touch ups that go over smoothly on top of makeup, so reapply all day long.

Best Face Serum – Marvellous Formula Treatment Booster

Marvellous Formula Treatment Booster – $250

Modern day skincare strives to be natural yet effective. Academie believes in an approach that uses natural ingredients with advanced technology for maximum penetration. This facial serum contains over 57 active ingredients that are 60% natural. Amino acids in the serum help function with the natural properties of the skin’s surface to active natural functions such as improved blood circulation and collagen production.

The serum immediately smoothes and lifts skin. Daily usage will lead to a brighter complexion and less fine lines and wrinkles. This booster serum is the perfect daily skincare product that works with your existing skincare routine.

Academie Pro Ageing Beauty Seminar

Beauty Insider had the unique opportunity to visit Academie’s latest beauty seminar. There, we interviewed the General Director, Mr Christophe Therme about the history of the company and how Academie is changing its skincare efforts to meet the changing demands of a challenging industry.

Beauty Insider: Why is Beauty Salons the pillar of Skincare for Academie?

Mr Therme: Beauty therapists are the only licensed professionals who know your skin and can customise a solution for your skin needs. A facialist begins each appointment with a skincare analysis. In order to produce the best results for yourself you need to know what state your skin is in and how best the Academie’s skincare products can help your skin.

Beauty Insider: What are some of the things you see changing in the skincare industry?

Interview with Mr Christophe Therme

Mr Therme: The use of natural ingredients have become hugely popular in amongst beauty professional and customers. For Academie we feel that 100% organic is too unstable to trust the quality of the product. We have focused on using over 41% natural ingredients and peptides to mirror natural functions our skin does. This combined with our advanced serums will be the best combination to meet modern women’s skincare needs.

Beauty Insider: What is the biggest mistake a busy working woman is making with her skincare routine?

Mr Therme: Two things; hydration and anti-pollution skincare. Cities tend to be polluted and drying! And hydration is a major factor for premature ageing skin. Academie’s approach to this is to plump up skin from the dermis region while combining the products in a professional setting (facial salon) and a home care series too.