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You Could Actually Make Your Hands Look Younger! Check Out These Top Nail Tips You Can Sport This 2018!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / February 28, 2018
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A lot of women devote a lot of time and money on aesthetic procedures, body and skincare products, and makeup with hefty price tags all just to keep the crow’s feet at bay. However, though, most women tend to neglect the hands.

Truth is, our hands are the most wear and tear part of our body. It is the part of the body we use most than the others. But just like the skin on our face, our hands also experience wrinkling and lose elasticity over time.

A simple treat to a manicure spa salon can help improve our hand matters. The key, though, is picking the right products for your nails.

Below are nail tips you can try for yourself this 2018 for a younger looking hands!

When you are going for a daring color of nail polish..

Do not stray away from the classics! Sticking to the most trusted colors like red, maroons and plums can draw more attention to your hands, but looks perfect for mature skin!

When you are going for a light or subtle color of nail polish..

Do not be afraid to try colors pale pink, or any shades of nudes that has shimmer in them. These types of colors and nail polishes can cover for even when your nails are not in mint condition.

Learn contrasting colors for your skin tone..

Your skin tone should your main basis for choosing a nail polish color. Keep away from any neon colors if you have yellowish skin, and grey toned polishes at all times as they have the tendency to also make your skin look grey.

Treat your nails to a spa..

Get into the habit of regularly buffing your nails and massaging the cuticle areas with cuticle oil or hand cream. Doing so can help your nails grow stronger, and quicker too.

If you really, really want to wear a bright nail polish color..

Go for bright orange, or tomato red shades. These types of color shades tend to make your hands look livelier and fairer too. In comparison to bright hues of blue or green, these mentioned shades do not draw attention to your unwanted veins in the hands.

Try coral shade nail polishes..

Nail polishes with orange undertones addresses issues such as hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration in a way that it can give the illusion that these noticeable skin concerns are less visible and will even help bring

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