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3 Aesthetic Equipment and Lasers That Do Wonders for Your Face

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Looking up on the latest in lunch time treatments can be confusing especially if you are not well-versed. What is the difference between IPL, HIFU, and lasers? And what skin care equipment or salon equipment should I be looking for? Beauty Insider does the work for you so you do not have to waste your time searching endlessly online. Here are three of the latest laser facial treatments you can get, depending on your need. And yes, all with minimal downtime.

Aesthetic Doctor
Amaris B. Clinic’s Dr. Ivan Puah. Photo from Amaris B. Clinic.

What: Pico Clear Skin Laser

Where: Amaris B. Clinic

This treatment corrects pigmentation, melasma, scars, and it also reduces the size of pores. Picocare is a laser treatment that is more powerful than nanosecond lasers and uses short pulses. What this means is it is more efficient, allows for less downtime, and has improved patient safety. Pico Clear Skin Laser can be performed on dark skin, particularly Asian skin.

The laser also improves skin tone and it stimulates the production of collagen. As your skin heals or what is called the recovery stage, the collagen will fill up the indentions of skin and depressed areas. This means skin becomes smoother as it also clears up. The Picocare laser is also able to reach areas that are often hard to treat, such as the sides of the nose and the areas surrounding it.

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What: VBeam Laser Treatment

Where: Clifford Clinic

Are your skin concerns more like rosacea, spider veins, broken capillaries, and acne scars? The VBeam Laser Treatment safely treats these concerns with very little down time. It is a “pulsed-dye laser with an intense but gentle burst of light in long pulses onto the skin,” Clifford Clinic’s site explains. Longer pulses means the energy from the laser is able to target blood vessels without negatively affecting its surroundings.

VBeam Laser Treatment is FDA approved and has been used on babies and infants. It is best suited for fair skin and skin that has not tanned. But it is best to consult Clifford Clinic’s team to know whether this treatment is suited for you. After the treatment, it is normal to see mild flushing. This resolves itself after a few hours. There may be mild bruising depending on the intensity of the treatment but the clinic’s doctors will take care to customise the treatment to your lifestyle.

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Photo from Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

What: Pearl Procedure

Where: Cutis Medical Laser Clinic

If sun damage is what you are looking to correct, Cutis Medical Laser Clinic’s Pearl Procedure will be of interest. This treatment combines resurfacing lasers with non-invasive procedures for ageing and sun-damaged skin. It can reduce wrinkles as well with less sessions and shorter downtime, creating a “pearl-like glow”. Thus the name.

This is how it works. The top layer of the skin gets pulses of light and then the laser sends heat to the deeper layers of skin. Your skin will then form a protective dressing, which peels off in three to four days. What you get underneath is new, healthy skin. After a week or two, you will notice your skin looks even better, is more clear, smooth, and soft.

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