From pesky and dark hyperpigmentation marks to red spots, name it, Acne scars are one of the most dreadful skin issues faced by many. Lucky for you though, we’ve found a way out of this skin issue as we share with you these 6 best scar treatments that are specifically made to fix every spot […]

You gotta hate cold sores. The fact that they are prevalent on the lips make a despicable connotation. Aside from stress, weather changes in Singapore especially the excessive sunlight exposure can also contribute to the illness. Here are some beauty brands and their products that can help you get rid of it: Compeed Invisible Cold […]

It is only right and just that when one’s just is to make people look good, one should also know the right products to use to maintain his/her own physique. We have crafted a list containing few of the most popular skincare products used by aesthetic doctors in Singapore and why these products are the […]

We all know the struggle of wanting to treat yourselves to a nice mani or pedi nail services but it often costs a lot. But have no fear, we give you few of the cheap nail salons in Singapore that won’t break your banks this year!   Manicurious Manicurious may just be a woman’s paradise. Located […]

Beauty aficionados had a lot to celebrate about in 2017- with many renowned beauty brands landing on our shores. Those holy-grail products that not only cut down on prep time, but also restore your skin to its glowing, angelic potential, while keeping it soft, smooth, and hydrated all year long are great examples. A skin […]

As the new year comes, our best selves come forth and our hair is no exception. There are some new hair trends on the horizon. We’ve seen what’s to come this year in terms of haircuts for all lengths and textures. 2018 is going to be all about embracing natural, no-fuss textures with fresh, interesting haircuts. Low […]

Tired of your usual monotonous work routine? Break up your hectic workday with a pampering lunchtime treat at any of these 8 salons! Specially picked for their quick, yet effective treatments and convenient locations near work, these outlets are sure to refresh and transform you, leaving you fresh way into the working day and beyond. […]

These results-driven treatments will address whatever skin issues you’re battling and dealing with right now. You can get truly younger-looking, more radiant, smoother and better skin condition with these award-winning restorative non-invasive aesthetic treatments in Singapore.   BB Dewy Shine Face Therapy At Estetica Beauty Now you don’t have to spare extra time to prep […]

Last year was a pivotal year for the cosmetic and medical aesthetics industry. Non-surgical to minimally invasive treatments and procedures skyrocketed to fame and public demand. Gone are the days when people feel the need to keep mum about what they had done to a particular part of their face or body. Today, it is […]

Do you love working out, but hate the idea of going to the gym because of the fear of people seeing you without makeup, with all your acne scars in full view? That being said, if you absolutely cannot bear the thought of going bare-faced, just keep things extremely basic. Little do you know that […]

A V-shaped face is widely coveted by many. It gives a sculpted, youthful look; which imparts an attractive appearance and enhances your facial features. The V-shaped face is ideal as it tends to make the face look more feminine. The more V you get, the more attention and beauty you have. This technique became extremely popular in […]

It can be quite frustrating, if not depressing, to continually work on one’s figure faithfully and yet not see the complete desired results in your body. No matter how many hours you put in for weight loss exercise and the amount of food you cut out from your diet, there are just some problem areas […]

A famous Instagram makeup artist from Ukraine, Vlada Haggerty is known for her Lip Drip Creations. Vlada teamed up with Smashbox Cosmetics for her lip art creation. Each of her posts is getting more and more attractive. No wonder she has been Smashbox’s Lip Editor-In-Chief, she has been consulted for the brand’s newest lip innovations. […]

When it comes to skin lightening, we’re not only talking about getting a shade or two lighter. Skin whitening means the whole package of having the flawless, dewy and luminous skin that most Asians are dying to have. We’ve narrowed down some few products to add to your usual regimen just in case you haven’t […]

When a sudden bump of lines appear, it’s usually normal. But how do you get rid of it? Cellulites are old-fashioned fat that is caused by trapped toxins and poor circulation. It gets worse as we age because our tissues change, it gets thicker as our skin gets thicker too, making them more noticeable. Anti […]

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