5 Affordable & Luxurious Skincare Brands That Are Totally Worth Every Penny!

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Often many luxurious skincare brands are overpriced and a little too mainstream. However, there are also other luxurious skincare brands in the market that are affordable and effective that will be worth your money. Hence, Beauty Insider puts together a list of some of the best luxurious and affordable skincare brands in Singapore that you should get your hands on!

b.glen QuSome Moisture Rich Cream

Moisturised skin is the foundation of all good looking skin. That is why we are introducing b.glen QuSome Moisture Rich Cream as a superior ageing cream that locks in moisture at any age guaranteed. This cream is formulated with the brands patented QuSome®️ tech, the tech penetrates anti-ageing ingredients such as Polyamine which helps soften skin and Uplevity which helps support collagen found in the skin. The perfect finishing touch to any luxury skincare routine.

This cream is not only effective in slowing down signs of ageing, but it is also effective in brightening and evening your skin tone. Also, using this cream religiously will also help maintain a more supple and resilient skin from the inside. Not only that but this hydrating cream by b.glen also supports the moisture retention in your skin, helping it stay soft and supple all day long!

Finally, the reason why we at Beauty Insider absolutely love this moisture-rich cream is that it was been specially designed to adjust its effects to your skin’s natural regenerative rhythm! All of these luxurious benefits only at $103? I mean, talk about quality!

Price: $103.00

Where to buy: b.glen Singapore

JK Professional A3 Concentrate

This JK Professional A3 Concentrate is a fast-acting serum that instantly minimises your pores, combats aerial pollutants as well as neutralises the toxic oxidants. Also, as you consume this, your facial contours will start plumping up, and you will also start noticing the texture of your skin being more refined, purified, calm, soft and smooth.

Ultimately, the main benefits of this products are first, it protects the skin cells from penetration of pollutants and genetic ravage, it removes and neutralises damaging free radicals and reductions in DNA damage, it helps strengthen the skin’s barrier, stimulate your skin natural antioxidants and it also repairs your cell’s metabolism by boosting adenosine triphosphate (ATP). What we love the most is that it is super affordable and it suits people of all ages!

Price: $73.00 for 5 X 3ml bottles

Where to buy: Jyunka Singapore

Simone Mahler Premium Prestige Eye & Lip Contour

This Premium Prestige Eye & Lip Contour by Simone Mahler is formulated with a patent technology that has a blend of active ingredients like matrikines, red clover flower extract and brown algae extract. These ingredients have been carefully selected to not only smoothen but also soften the appearance of your wrinkles, lessen the dark circles under your eyes and visibly reduce your eye bags.

One of the main reasons we at Beauty Insider really love this product is because the texture of this cream is so silky and smooth that it feels so great when applied onto your skin. It applies on smoothly and creates a protective veil that prevents dirt and residues from clogging your pores. After a couple of uses, you will find your skin glowing with radiance 😉

For any enquiries, do contact +65-65090826 for visit Facebook to find out more.

Juliette Armand Glow C 12%

The Juliette Armand Glow C 12% is a pure Vitamin C serum and a peony extract that is suitable for all skin types. However, it works effectively on those who have pigmentation and dark spots. This serum helps in brightening and evening out your skin tone, leaving your skin feeling much radiant.

Not only that, but this Vitamin C serum is also perfect for those who are looking for a moisturising, firming, regenerating and whitening effect for your skin. What’s more, is that this serum can be used every day and it will not dry your skin out!

Price: $88.00

Where to buy: desertcart Singapore

Skin Origin Filler No. 8

Say goodbye to your fine lines and wrinkles! That too, without injections! This Filler No. 8 has a super high concentration of Acetyl Hexapeptides-8 that is clinically proven to inhibit muscular contractions, assists the skin in the elimination of persistence wrinkles and to simultaneously firm and lift your skin for a much lustrous and smoother complexion!

Also, it may be on the pricer side, but it is definitely far more affordable and far more comfortable to use, compared to getting fillers that require injections and downtime. This is by far one of the best non-invasive and super affordable solutions to getting rid of your fine lines.

Price: $195.00

Where to buy: Flowwe Singapore