Air Bangs: This Hairstyle Love By A-List Korean Celebrities Will Convince You To Chop Off Your Bangs!

By: Balqis Ariffin / November 12, 2021
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As beauty junkies, we have always been obsessed with anything related to K-beauty. Honestly, who isn’t, right? If you share the same sentiment like us, you will surely be so in love with the hair and makeup looks that these heroines donned in the K-drama series. Apart from their kissable gradient lips, the wispy bangs that allow the forehead to peep through have been the go-to hairstyle too. Needless to say, people are completely head over heels with the air bangs. 

Although it is not a relatively new hair trend, air bangs are still considered the ‘it’ hairstyle. In fact, they have been making waves across other countries too. The moment we saw this fringe style on an infinite list of Korean celebrities from Lee Sung Kyung, Jennie Blackpink, Park Shin Hye, Song Hye Kyo to IU, we just simply can’t let this pass by without sharing the tips with you. However, before you decide to chop off your bangs recklessly, you don’t want to end up with the wrong fringe style that doesn’t suit your face shape. To save you from such mishaps, Beauty Insider has gathered all the essential information that you need to know about air bangs.

What are Air Bangs?

Air bangs or also commonly known as see through fringe is the total opposite of the regular thick and dense bangs. It features a wispier layer of the fringe that frames the face, making it ideal for those who want to accentuate their facial features. Plus, it also helps to create an illusion of a smaller and younger looking face. These Korean hair bangs allow your forehead to peek through the thin layer of the hair strands.  Air bangs are super versatile and you can simply style it with whichever look you prefer. Just sweep the bangs to the side and you’ll look completely different. 

Air Bangs vs French Bangs

French bangs are a thick and long version of the classic fringe with hair strands that graze beyond the eyebrows. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is often seen on Parisien and even top Hollywood celebrities. Just think, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Damas. If you want to recreate the next door French girl look, red lipstick and bangs are a staple.

On the contrary, air bangs deliver a feminine and youthful look which is highly loved by the Koreans. However, it might not be unsuitable for those with oily skin since it can get quite flat easily. As much as we love air bangs, they can be difficult to maintain, especially outdoors. Trust us, you don’t want to go anywhere that is windy. However if you simply can’t give up on this hairstyle, you can opt for the curtain look or side fringe. 

How To Cut Air Bangs Easily?

If there’s one skill that all of us literally learn during the pandemic it has to be giving ourselves a fresh new haircut. Sometimes unfortunate events happen with bad haircuts that just went absolutely wrong. Luckily, with the internet, you can get help from professionals. If you’re too lazy to go to the hairdresser for a few snips of hair, you can try them out!

Step 1

First of all, comb your hair and to determine the section for the parting, simply take a small portion of the hair that is situated between the brows. This triangular strand will be the centre of the bangs. Make sure to tuck the remaining hair behind your ears. 

Step 2

You can also opt to clamp the centre hair bangs with a hair clip. Then cut off the hair at eye lengths before proceeding to snip it vertically with a point cutting method. 

Step 3

Next, take a section from the remaining hair to create side bangs. However, remember that this hair portion needs to be near the jaw length. Plus, they help to connect both main points of the nose bridge and jaw bone. Simply comb them inwards and trim the side bangs in a diagonal line.

Step 4

Once you are done, you can use the apex as a guideline to style up your new fresh bangs. You can part the rest of the hair with fingers to achieve a natural looking finish. If you want to spice it up a little bit, you can opt for heated hair styling tools for a long lasting look.

Facts You Should Consider Before You Chop Off Your Hair For Air Bangs

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Unfortunately like other things, air bangs might not be a suitable hairstyle for some people. So, if you are seriously thinking of making this dramatic change, there are several things that you need to consider.

1.It Requires Styling

It is safe to say that air bangs are kinda on the high maintenance side. Although they seem natural, you need to blow dry and use some hair rollers to attain that effortlessly look. Unless you are willing to style up your hair every morning before you head out to the door, air bangs are definitely not for those who prefer a hairstyle that is easy to maintain. If that’s the case, we suggest that you opt for another type of fringe which is curtain bangs.

2.You Need To Trim It Regularly

As the bangs are known for their length which is quite near to the eyes, they require regular trimming to keep them at optimum level. Trust us, you don’t want to let them grow beyond that! They can actually irritate your eyes and it is definitely not a good sign. So, make sure to be prepared for a weekly trimming session with your hairstylist. However, it also means that air bangs can get pretty costly too.

3. Straight Hair is The Way To Go

Unfortunately, unruly frizzy hair does not exist in the air bangs handbook. Apart from the bangs, the remaining hair can be wavy or curly at the end, depending on your preference. However, if you truly want to achieve the see through bangs like your favourite K-pop celebrities, we recommend that you straighten the bangs in the morning. Plus, you can even opt for hair rebonding if you are not a fan of styling the hair every single day.

4. Skip The DIY

Indeed, we know that we have given the 411 on how to cut air bangs, however, if it is done wrongly it can lead to irreversible effects. The only option is to wait till your hair grows back again. Unless you are completely confident in your haircut trimming skills, we suggest that you leave it to the professional. Besides, it doesn’t cost that much to get this hairstyle. Click here to check out the list of affordable hair salons in Singapore.

5. It Affects Your Forehad Length

If you have a small forehead, you might want to pass the air bangs style since they can actually make your forehead look shorter than it already is. However, if you want to look younger with a baby face look, then this hairstyle is certainly for you. Well, we are pretty sure that everyone wants to look at least a decade younger right? On the contrary, people with a wide forehead will find that air bangs help to balance out their facial features even more.

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