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Alexandr&Co. Unlocks the Secret to Youthful Skin with a Surprising Ingredient

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Ancient royal Chinese trade secrets combined with Japanese medical research is what keeps Alexandr&Co. at the forefront of luxury skincare. The buzzing secret of the stars is their advanced skincare range; Chrysalis Silk Treasures. It promises youthful radiance for all who try it. Experience skin-magic like no other with the power of silk in every opulent drop.

How Silk Changed Everything

The truest discoveries are always by accident and this skincare secret is no different. Medical doctors noticed the unique qualities of a specific silk extract when used in patients. This led to the discovery of Sericin, a powerful anti-ageing ingredient with intense regenerative properties. After many years of research, Sericin was successfully extracted in its purest form. Sericin’s unique ability to activate collagen deep within the skin paved the way for the birth of Chrysalis Silk Treasures.

“With ingredients in its purest form, alcohol free and paraben free, it makes it the easiest brand to trust with excellently rich skincare”, promotes Yvette King, when Beauty Insider interviewed her.

Chrysalis Silk Treasures by Alexandr&Co.

A Moisturiser Unlike Any Other

alexandr&co skincare
Seriguard Moisturizer

This opulent moisturiser applies like a gorgeous gel. It soaks into the skin with continued massaging seamlessly. This one ingredient is Yvette King’s holy-grail skincare product. “I’ve used tubs of this,” Ms King admits, “I use it twice a day, it hydrates everything! Being in the entertainment industry means that I tend to use heavier makeup which can be drying on my skin. This moisturiser does the job and is the perfect barrier between my skin and the environment.”

This internationally renowned product is worth every dollar. Apply twice a day for maximum results and watch it gradually fill in the dry patches on your skin.

The Youth Elixir of the Stars

Seriglow Elixir

This is another essential product in the range. The elixir is the perfect epitome of ‘a little goes a long way’. This rich serum is the only anti-ageing product you’ll need. Apply 2-3 pumps daily on skin and leave it to soak into skin after about three minutes. It not just moisturises and protects but whitens and conditions skin to become more defensive against future signs of ageing in the long run.

Eye Creams that Fake Sleep Naturally

Serishine Eye Cream

Eye creams seem to be the hardest product to finesse with most brands. Alexandr&Co has it down. With their magic anti-ageing ingredient Sericin, wrinkles are reduced quickly. Avoid direct contact with eyes and apply with gentle strokes under the eye area for best results.

It takes as little as two weeks to see the difference with this Sericin infused luxury skincare range. Treat your skin and revolutionise your skincare game with the latest in skincare advancements.

“I started using this brand when I was pregnant and have never looked back since. I would not promote something that didn’t work for me and I’m lucky to have found something that worked for my dehydrated skin- then and now,” concludes Yvette at the Tang Plaza pop up of Alexandr&Co Skincare.

For a limited time only you can enjoy 10% off all the Chrysalis Silk Treasures range. Tangs members enjoy an additional 10% off all products.

Valid ‘til 31st October so visit their pop-up at Tangs Level 1, Beauty Counter. Learn more about their Chrysalis Silk Treasures range and buy the product online here.