White Tattoos

New Trend Alert: White Tattoos Are Better Than Plain Old Black?

By: Cherelle Lim / April 16, 2021
Categories : Body

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Maybe you’re experienced and just want to add another tattoo to your collection. But, if you are new and it is your first time, it might be super scary! There are several concerns surrounding the idea of getting a tattoo. Having visible tattoos on your body might get in the way of you applying for a job. Sure, if it’s hidden, you won’t have a problem during your job interviews. But if it’s visible, for example on your hand or even neck, it might cause some trouble. If you are still thinking about getting a tattoo, why not try a white tattoo! Beauty Insider is here to give you some insider tips on what white tattoos are. Let’s find out if white tattoos are actually better than black inked ones. Shall we? 

What Are White Tattoos

A white ink tattoo is inked completely in white. These types of tattoos tend to be more subtle and seem to be more delicate. White ink tattoos also seem more elegant compared to normal black and coloured tattoos. Although, designs for white ink tattoos can be trickier to come up with for the tattoo artist. White ink tattoos are also unique and can stand out more due to their elegance. 

Black VS White

Compared to black ink tattoos, white ink tattoos are easier to hide. If you want to get a tattoo but are afraid that it might hinder your career, a white ink tattoo might be suitable. Black ink tattoos are also often shaded in and sometimes even use multiple other colours. Compared to black ink tattoos that stay fresher and lasts longer, white ink tattoos fade rather quickly. Because they are more delicate, they might end up leaving a scar after several years. 

Glow In The Dark

A cool trick you can show off with your white tattoo is glowing in the dark! Mixing ultra-violet ink into your white tattoo ink can make for a spectacle at night. Who wouldn’t want to be able to say that their tattoo glows! Compared to mixing it with black ink, ultra-violet ink works better with white ink tattoos. Although, those with sensitive skin should be wary as UV ink can cause irritation. 

White Tattoos Are Easy To Hide

If you’re not too keen on showing the whole world your tattoo, a white ink tattoo will work just fine. Whatever your reason, maybe it is to avoid complications at work, or even because you don’t want people asking what it’s about. When looking for a job, you might not be at a disadvantage than if you had a black or coloured tattoo. Since it is not very obvious, it is less noticeable. White ink tattoos also look more elegant and soft. This is due to their light colour of white. If you want to hide a tattoo from certain family members, a white ink tattoo will be the best choice. If you get a small tattoo, it will be even more invisible! Other reasons for hiding a tattoo may be because it holds a personal significance. Therefore, a white tattoo will draw less attention. 

White Tattoos Fade With Time

Over time, your white tattoo will end up fading. Although for some it might be an advantage, for others it might be troublesome. Even though they look pretty and elegant when you first ink them, over time the colour will change as it fades. Therefore, it will not stay completely white. If you want to delay the process of fading, try keeping your white tattoo away from sunlight. 

Raising The Skin

Lastly, white tattoos also tend to raise the skin. This is due to the fact that the ink is placed near the surface of the skin. This helps make the colour look more visible. White tattoos swell more compared to other coloured tattoos. Thus, sometimes they can be mistaken for scars! Especially after your tattoo gets old, it may look more like a scar due to the raised skin.