Create A Complete Makeup Look With Ange Gardien Paris New Cosmetic Line!

By: Nina Shahriman / November 23, 2020

Exciting news for beauty connoisseurs far and near, Ange Gardien Paris is launching their cosmetic line and we are in LOVE!

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We were lucky enough to be given an inside scoop of what to expect. With that, here is the rundown of everything you NEED to know about Ange Gardien Paris new launch.

What is Ange Gardien Paris?

Established in 2018, Ange Gardien Paris is an artisanal French beauty and fragrance brand. The brand is heavily influenced by the classiness of French elegance and poise that makes it so renown- truly iconic. They are known for their wide range of premium-quality fragrant products such as perfumes and lotions.

Their values stand at encouraging to unleash one’s real beauty which they believe radiates from within. The message they try to deliver within their products is crafted to encourage women to embody their confidence and empowers une femme qui marche ardemment au rythme de son tambour– “a woman who marches ardently to the beat of her drum.”

However, recently they have been dwelling in the cosmetic industry and the time has finally arrived.

What To Expect?

JOIE DE VIVRE! That is the main theme of the new cosmetic line which translates from French as the joy of living. The main focus when developing the cosmetic line was to create a formulation catered to Asian women. This is because us Asians are beautifully diverse- and we’re proud of that!

By putting Asian skin in mind, our climate and everyday makeup struggles, Ange Gardien Paris is handing the solution on a silver platter. The luxury and trendy cosmetic lines come with many products that can even give you a complete full look.

During the launch, the Director of Ange Gardien Paris, Claudia See, had expressed that the world’s current situation with the pandemic had altered our normality. Nowadays, half of our faces are covered behind a face mask leaving the expression of our eyes to be considered our new smile.

Therefore, many makeup users have turned to hone their eye makeup skills. Moreover, many are also seeking lipsticks they can wear without finding a messy smudge from the inside of your mask at the end of the day. In turn, many are expecting the beauty industry to evolve with current times.

That is where Ange Gardien Paris comes along and gives us a full-proof set of makeup to survive our new normal. To add, the makeup products they offer will not only make us look good but also be beneficial to our skin which is always a good bonus!

What Does The Range Consist Of?

Base Makeup

Every look starts with a good base. Most people would opt for foundations, BB creams or simply powder. However, Ange Gardien Paris is hopping the popular train of cushion foundations.

The unique dual-action formula they use acts as a full-coverage cushion foundation and a pressed powder to give you a natural glowy finish. Their cushion foundation has SPF50, PA+++ to protect your skin for the long run from sun damage and free radicals.

This cushion is suitable for oily to combination skin due to its amazing sebum control. Moreover, it comes in three shades but the work of adding more shades is to be expected in the near future.

Eye Makeup

Personally, we editors have revamped our eye makeup skills because that’s really the only way now to express ourselves. Eye makeup products are in demand now more than ever and Ange Gardien Paris is no exception.

The Vitamins Showtime Eye Palette contains nine shades that come in gorgeous neutral colours that you can never go wrong with. It’s easily the perfect palette to go from a workday style to an “I’ve got a hot date tonight at 9” look.

The palette has everything you need from a base to mattes and glitter shades which are always necessary to complete a look. It’s formulated with Sunflower Seed Oil and vitamins to keep the skin moisturised when applying.

With that, make sure you compliment your lovely eyeshadow with the Here’s Proof Volumizing Mascara. It comes with a thin wand to curl and lift each eyelash, even those stubborn inner ones. It’s smudge and waterproof, ensuring that your eyes look amazing and ready to take the world by storm.

Lip Makeup

Lastly, to complete your look, there’s not one but TWO options you are given. All depending on your personal preference and style, Ange Gardien Paris provides us with lipstick and lip lacquer.

The Ange Gardien Paris Velvet Clouds Lipstick comes in six sweet shades, all with a matte finish. The variety of colours comes from nudes, dusty pinks and sensual reds, perfect for any occasion. These lightweight formulas contain Hydractive™ technology to make sure your lips stay moisturised and luscious all day.

Likewise, if you’re just a lip junkie (like me), you will definitely adore the Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer line. Similar to the lipstick, it is pigmented and nourishing to your lips by keeping them moist and plump. The velvety glide of the lip lacquers is definitely what stands out and the colours offered are easily fan-favourites.

Final Verdict

We love LOVE this collection by Ange Gardien Paris and would like to congratulate them on their launch! The makeup range will be officially launched and revealed on the 27th so do check out their official Instagram account to find out more. Joie de vivre!