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Remember those hype over the “spider lashes” trend in 2016 where beauty gurus were hyping over those lengthy, larger than life lashes? To be honest, it  wasn’t exactly a praise and was more of a makeup look to avoid. But to everyone’s surprise, the unusual lashes trend has resurfaced, but this time with its own twisted, modified, and upgraded, all influenced by the lovely world of manga. 

The peculiar manga lashes that have taken over the social media world have already received over 73 million views on TikTok and counting—and as the name suggests, they were inspired by the Japanese comic novels and animations, in which their female characters have spiky, hooked lashes clustered together. If done correctly, the style may alter the whole form of your eyes for a sexy but charming appearance. 

Taking Over TikTok Trends

Manga lashes are becoming increasingly popular among TikTok users seeking a unique look. Sarah Cheung, a Toronto-based blogger with over 300.000 followers, initially saw the craze on a Chinese social networking app called Xiaohongshu and wanted to try it out. She first shared a video, which has immersed over a million likes demonstrating her rendition of the trend as well as a few inspiration photographs before giving an in-depth instruction.


DIY manga lashes tutorial 🤓✨

♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

She applied mascara onto her lashes before trimming a Newcally Wispy Fluffy Lash into small short and lengthy pieces in the technique. She then glued each component to the eye using D-Up Eyelash Fixer adhesive, utilising the larger pieces on top and the shorter ones at the bottom for a divided effect.

Although she makes it look easy to do, she did admit that it required some experimenting and undergoing trial and testing before fully ace this manga lash trend.

The Trend That Keeps Going

Another TikToker, Ness (@nesmates), discovered that the manga lash fad requires advanced makeover skills in order to perfect the ”connecting the lashes” on each little bit of hair. She claims that anime has influenced beauty trends in general, with people preferring the doll-like form. “I attempted the trend to give variety to monotonous everyday makeup looks and illustrate various methods to get ‘anime eyes,'” she explains. Her spidery lash was completed with individual lashes and Ardell glue.

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The statement was backed by Kamille Gregory (@kamgregory) who believed it wasn’t quite simple to replicate. “It may take a few tries to get the lash placement right and as near to your natural lash line as possible,” she says. 

In her TikTok video, she clipped a wispy lash from her collection and Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics Norvina A Moment lash into smaller strands and attached the A Moment falsie strictly to her waterline, creating a softer version. She then added density to her bottom lashes with Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara before unveiling the finalised look, which is a more mild variation compared to the other two. 

@kamgregory UMM i love this🤍 what do we think? ib @Sacheu @Nestana Jumalieva ♬ original sound – Hello

These three beauties make the trend appear simple to replicate at yourself. However, even if you’re an experienced makeup artist, individual lashes might be far more challenging to apply on than ordinary strip lashes. 

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