Anti-Aging Treatment

Be as Glowing as the Sun – Include LED light into your Anti Aging Routine

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Yes. I mentioned LED light. They are not only used for your light bulbs, my friends, they can actually be used for your face. Who knew?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a form of light therapy that has garnered much attention in the beauty world. Jessica Alba had posted a selfie using a LED face mask, and of course, everyone started talking about LED ever since.

So, what exactly is LED? It is a medical treatment for anti aging, supposedly melting the years away. LED works by penetrating beams of light into the skin, promoting your body’s natural collagen production. If you didn’t already know, collagen is quintessential for anti-aging and anything that revs up your skin’s collagen production will help to reduce wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming.

This is because collagen forms the connective tissue in our bodies that keeps the skin healthy and wrinkle-free so by using LED on the skin, it promotes collagen and ta-da, wrinkles are gone.

While you can get LED light treatment at your dermatologist office, you can also get the at-home gadget to make you look younger. Technology has made our lives so much easier, because now you can get wrinkle-free skin with a flip of the switch. The gadget is compact, so you can literally do it while lying down on your bed. Sounds good right?

Well, before you start browsing for the LED gadget, I’m talking $200 to $400 USD per device, which is really costly, but hey it seems like a pretty good investment for something that delivers wonders. There are many options to choose from and you can definitely use them for a long time, which you need to anyway since it can take months of diligent use before you see a difference in your skin. So, if you think you have the budget and time to invest in one, the LED light therapy might work out just as well for you. Just make sure, like with any routine, to be consistent.