Eyelashes can make your eyes look more beautiful and expressive. Here in HighBrow they can customize eyelash extensions that can suit your face for you to feel more confident.

We’ve all seen those beauty hacks that offer strange cures for beauty problems. “Use lemon or toothpaste for acne!” “Make this turmeric facial and lighten your skin tone in just one week!” These home remedies don’t work and may even irritate your skin. Why take that risk? 5 reasons to try Élan skincare Invest in […]

The Body Shop has teamed up with fashion design company Eley Kishimoto to launch a limited edition Vitamin E Moisture Cream. Eley Kishimoto is a British fashion and design company that is famous for its print design. It has collaborated with Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, and has made sustainable living a core philosophy. The […]

Sunscreens are intended to be used regularly and applied liberally over the body. That’s why the FDA imposes strict guidelines on active ingredients. The FDA has issued these industry sunscreen guidelines. Companies must provide a Maximal Usage Trial or MUsT, to see how an ingredient is absorbed into the blood. This is the same approach the […]

Beauty and personal skincare giant Unilever has started a battle against sachet waste. The company sells billions of single-use sachets every year, which end up in landfills and the ocean. it is developing a technology that will retrieve and recycle these sachets. The sachets have made it possible for consumers to buy premium products at […]

Ever tried to hide acne scars and it just ended up looking worse? Happens to the best of us! Steal these secrets from makeup artists and watch those spots disappear. Start with a primer Primer creates that perfect  smooth surface and helps makeup last longer.  You really need that to make concealer last the whole day, […]

Long, straight hair is one of the big beauty trends of 2017. Both on the runway and the Hollywood red carpet, every glam girl showed off simple but oh so sophisticated do’s: hair parted in the center, or tucked behind the ear. This proves one thing: when hair is naturally healthy and shiny, it needs […]

It’s not enough to buy long-wear foundation. The secret to melt-proof, smudge-proof makeup is really in the application. 1. Exfoliate Makeup lasts longer on smooth skin. Exfoliation also prevents flaking and caking. Use a gentle face scrub. If you have dry or sensitive skin, use a basic cleanser but buff it in with a soft […]

Everyone wants “young and fresh looking eyes” but the eye cream you use depends entirely on the problem you have. Some women suffer from dark circles, and others have deep lines and dry skin. Look for an eye cream that targets your particular skincare problem. Dry skin Typical signs: Concealer tends to cake or settle […]

Looks like 2017 is the year of healthy and radiant skin! Aside from powerful products, we now have dermatologist-grade treatments that we can do at home with smart, handheld devices. Here are some of the top 2017 skincare trends. Ready, get set… GLOW!

Not ready for unicorn hair? Don’t worry: the 2017 hair trends are very wearable and suit all ages, skin tones and personalities.

Update your look with these popular 2017 beauty trends! We share how to translate runway glam into something you can achieve every day.

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