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Starring the Newcomers

Only the best of breakout beauty brands here. Learn all about the newest beauty brands in the market available in 2019!


Best Face Mask

GLOWFULLY H20 Jelly Mask

Why your product is loved:

Who does not love a good hydrating mask. With GLOWFULLY H2O Jelly Mask, you can rest assured that your skin is in for the treat no matter the time of day. The H2O Jelly Mask is well-known for its intense hydration properties taken from the Aloe Vera and Carrageenan plants. Both provide not just a moisturising element but also heal skin from scarring and other irritation. The mask is also infused with ingredients that leaves skin smooth, and with smaller pores immediately after application. The best thing about this mask is that it’s zero-waste! After utilising it, you can use the remainder of the mask as moisturiser. Simply melt the mask in a warm bath or water at about 60 degC, and apply the essence all over your body.

Best Frangrances (Femme)

Singapore Memories Singapore Girl

Why your product is loved:

A friendly reminder of the past, Singapore Memories Singapore Girl is a revived the scent that evokes all the best memories from the past. It is sure to smile on your face and make you fall in love with a nostalgia you never knew you needed.

Best Oral Care

Take Me Away by Closeup

Choice of Awards: Reader’s Choice Award 2019

Why your product is loved:

This tongue in cheek brand is a delight to the senses! Take Me Away by Closeup's Toothpaste Line comes in variety of scents and tastes. Brushing your teeth does not have to be a boring experience! Discover the possibilities and unleash your individual personality with these variety of flavours to choose from!