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Annyeong! Questions about BB Laser That You Must Know – Answered!

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If you love BB creams, you should try the thulium BB laser treatment. This is a popular Korean beauty trend that’s been praised by bloggers and anyone looking for fair, radiant and flawless skin. Trinity Medical Centre answers the most common questions about this new beauty technology.

What can the BB laser treatment do?

This laser is able to penetrate the epidermal basal layer, where many of the melanin cells are found. That is why it is able to treat freckles, age spots, blemishes, acne scars, and other pigmentation problems.

At the same time, the laser boosts collagen production. Over time, it can lessen fine wrinkles and make skin firmer and more supple. It can also make pores look smaller, because sagging adds to the “orange peel” appearance of skin.

How does it compare to other laser treatments?

The Thulium BB laser is a sub-ablative laser. An “ablative” laser removes skin, which prompts the body’s natural healing response to produce collagen. It is sometimes called laser skin resurfacing. While effective, this treatment often leads to several days of redness, skin sensitivity, and downtime.

A “sub-ablative” laser leaves the skin surface intact, and goes directly to the inner layers of the skin. It can be set to target larger areas, or focused on small, specific blemishes or freckles. Since it doesn’t damage the skin surface, there is less down time and risk for infection or irritation.

What will my skin be like after the treatment?

Your skin will look a little red, and there will be fine scars or micro crusts. However, these flake off after a few days. Your new skin will be smoother and healthier. You will see a new brightness and radiance. Scars and blemishes will fade. Depending on your skin case you may need more than one treatment, but each session brings you closer to your “dream skin”.

Your Trinity Medical Centre doctors will also provide you with a special serum and cream. CALECIM is highly moisturizing and will help relieve discomfort, swelling and redness. The ingredients also boost your skin’s natural cell renewal to hasten healing and make your skin even more supple.

Why should I invest in a BB laser treatment?

Our skin health is based on many things: lifestyle, diet, genetics and our daily maintenance (use of sunblock, skin creams, etc).

However, no matter how vigilant we are about applying products and eating the right food, we can’t stop the clock. Our skin’s cell renewal and collagen production slow down when we hit our 30s. That’s why acne scars take longer to go away, and our skin loses radiance and firmness.

Lasers step in to break down the pigments and jumpstart collagen. You see much faster results than if you had let your skin “work” on its own. One session can make a big difference, so imagine what two or more can do!

Of course, you still need to continue with good diet, lifestyle and skincare. Lasers complement what you do every day, while giving results you would not have achieved alone.

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