Best Face Moisturizer for Men

Be the Finest Man in The Land With These Moisturizers Specially Made For Men

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The stigma that skincare is only for women is so 2000 and late. After years and years of extensive research and continuous development of many skincare products, the skincare men category has also shown great innovations, especially in the best face moisturizers for men group.

See, there are big differences among men and women’s skin types. With men, there is more oil, thicker sebum and closed pores on the skin than on women. The latest moisturizes available in the market are specifically made to work double time on minimizing damage, and keep certain men skin issues at bay.

If you’re a guy looking for the perfect moisturizer, or a woman looking for a helpful guide for her man, here are the six best moisturizers to help keep the face looking its healthiest!

Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer

best face moisturizers for men

If you’re a guy with uncontrollable oily skin, it is only imperative that you use products that can specifically address this problem. This moisturizer from Clinique will give your skin the hydration it needs, making it look healthy without leaving you feeling sticky and looking shiny all day!

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Izu Awakening Cream

For dry, dull and tired skin, this unique moisturizer form Izu could be your bestfriend! It is formulated specificially to calm, sooth and revive stressed skin. It has Vitamin C and E, Palmitoyl Hydrolized Wheat Proten and natural plant derived anti-irritants. Those with sensitive skin types can also rely on this moisturizer!

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Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF Face Sunscreen

best face moisturizers for men

Did you know that sunscreens also work as moisturizers? Well, now you do. Basking in the sun on the daily is a dangerous play we game, and the only weapon we can really rely on are sunscreen products with both safe and effective formulations. Especially for men’s skin that is usually more stubborn.

This product utilises natural actives and is free of denatured alcohol – and that’s a really good thing. We use safe synthetic science to enhance the brilliant protection provided by the proven natural minerals zinc and titanium.

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Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment

Most men we know are hardworking, so it does suffice to say, their skin reflects all the lack of sleep. Their skin tends to age quicker than women. And with aging, the eyes get targeted first.

To guarantee your way to looking younger and keep the harmful sun rays away from your eyes, investing in a good eye cream is key.

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