Announcing the Top 120 Beauty Products of 2019!

After countless hours of deliberation, trying more than 800 products, the Judging Committee, Trial Team members and the Beauty Insider Editorial team are announcing the grand winners of Beauty Insider’s Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019.

Discover a beautiful world full of award-winning skincare, beauty gadgets, makeup, body products, haircare, supplements and many many more! Go be beautiful!

Skincare Supremes
Redefine your skincare routine with the best of cleansers, moisturisers and everything in between
Health & Wellness Heroines
Best skincare supplements that can provide a quick and effective solution to all your major skin concerns.
Eco-Crusaders - Organic
Top sustainable beauty brands that not just care for you but also the planet/ These goodies certainly have a special place in our hearts.
Daily Beauty Dosage
A roundup of the best skin care supplements of 2019 that can solve skin problems effectively!
Body Blockbusters
Pamper your body with only the best body products of 2019 available in the market right now!
Game-Changing Makeup
Discover award-winning lipsticks and life-changing cream blushes with the best makeup products, 2019.
Professional Beauty
Enter the world of of professional beauty brands and discover the best of salon-grade beauty products in 2019!
Eye Miracle Workers
Indulge in eye serums and eye creams galore with award-winning eye beauty products.
Starring the Newcomers
Only the best of breakout beauty brands here. Learn all about the newest beauty brands in the market available in 2019!
Innovation is everything. We have crowned only the most innovative ingredients in the best beauty brands available in 2019!
Cult Classic Beauty Tools
Beauty gadgets, beauty tools and so much more. Treat yourself to the best beauty tools of 2019.
Hair Transformers
From shampoos to conditioners and hair masks, hair care routines are vital. We tell you the best of haircare products in 2019!
Personal Care
Indulge in award-winning personal care beauty products that make daily beauty routines easier.
Trending Star
Uncover the hottest beauty trends of 2019 with the most talked about beauty products both offline and online!
Best Breakthrough
Discover the best of beauty brands at the frontier of the beauty landscape in 2019.
Beauty Mask
Pamper and rejuvenate your skin with these highly reviewed face masks.

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