Beauty Chat: Oon Shu An

Homegrown actress and our gorgeous cover girl, Oon Shu An, juggles the stage, the screen and even YouTube with her online beauty series Tried and Tested on We caught up with the warm and candid actress to get her thoughts on makeup must-haves, pampering and all things beauty.

Photo by Joel Lim at Calibre Pictures

Who is your beauty icon and why?

Anybody I meet who has a confidence that comes from a sense of self.

What are three beauty essentials that you think every woman should have?

Lip balm, pimple cream and face wash.

What goes into your daily skincare regime?

It changes every day depending on what my skin needs. But I always have some masks on standby – hydrating, deep cleansing, brightening etc.

We’ve seen you wear lots of different and dramatic looks on screen and in publications. Are there any makeup/beauty secrets that you can share with us?

I would say always be open to adapting the looks! The trend in its pure form may look daunting or maybe not work for you when done wholesale, but try and play around with it! Experiment, be prepared to get it wrong a few times, but you could totally surprise yourself.

How do you pamper yourself when you’re not working?

SLEEP. And YouTube videos. I love TED talks and cute animal videos. And facial masks. I love Japanese food and have recently developed an insatiable craving for uni!

Photo by Joel Lim at Calibre Pictures

What do you think of the K-Pop Wave?

I am quite in awe of what they’ve done. I remember growing up there were no mainstream Asian beauty trends, just Western ones, on faces that had features completely different to mine. So to suddenly have a look in mainstream media that I could relate to, it’s pretty awesome! On top of that, their beauty trends and fashion are much more adaptable to Asian faces. Woohoo!

What are some beauty trends you plan to try in the coming months?

Berry lips, nude eyes and strong brows!

When do you feel the most beautiful?

When I feel at peace with myself.

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