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Beauty Industry Trends 2019: Latest Makeup Formulas

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What’s the next big thing in makeup? We round up the new makeup formulas that have been getting a lot of buzz among beauty insiders. (And we mean the super insiders – brand executives, beauty industry analysts, and people who get paid to predict what products will do well on the shelves.) Check out their bets for the big beauty industry trends of 2019.

Lip-plumping lip gloss

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, everyone’s obsessed with big lips. But if you’re not ready for lip injections, new lip gloss formulas can temporarily plump up your pout. We already see some of these on the market, like Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath Gloss, Du Wop Lip Venom, and Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme.

But beauty insiders predict that even more brands will release lip plumpers. “It’ll reach a point when if you’re a lipstick brand, you need to have at least one volumizing or plumping product. The demand is too huge to ignore,” says one brand insider.

Clear brow gel

Celebrity makeup artists say that natural-looking brows are going to be one of the biggest beauty industry trends of 2019.  “There’s a general backlash against heavy ‘Instagram’ makeup. They’re done with the over-contouring and baking (read about the new way to do contouring), and want something simple and doesn’t look that they tried too hard.”

So goodbye eyebrow stencils and gradient brows, and hello to a more low-key, brushed-up and neat brow. The answer: clear brow gel.  You can try one today with Glossier Boy Brow, or just use Maybelline’s Great Lash Clear Mascara.

Product ranges that celebrate diversity  

Finally, finally – beauty brands are realizing that their products and marketing campaigns need to embrace a wider range of skin tones, ethnicities, genders and ages. (We’re just asking: WHY ONLY NOW?!)

But better late than never. We applaud makeup lines with foundations for several skin tones, and hope that sunblocks and BB creams will follow suit! And we’re happy that fashion shows and makeup launches now have models who celebrate different kinds of beauty and body shapes.  There’s diversity in beauty, and there’s beauty in diversity!

Jelly Makeup

For years, makeup formulas have changed to look more like skin. However, sheerer formulas had less pigment and colour, and even radiance-boosting powders and creams could still look cakey if applied the wrong way.

Enter jelly makeup.  “Jelly formulas offer a juiciness that you just can’t get with powders and pressed formulas. You can achieve a fresh, ‘real’ skin look easily. The colours also tend to be brighter and last longer,” says celebrity makeup artist Sara Hill.

And you don’t even need mad makeup skills or the right brushes and sponges. Just pat the jelly makeup like you would skincare – the heat of your fingers melts it right into your skin.

Farsali’s Jelly Beam Illuminator got a lot of love when it launched last year, and if you’re an eyeshadow girl, you need to check out the intense and super blendable ColourPop Jelly Much Shadow.

Makeup-Skincare hybrids

“Consumers are more savvy about ingredients and skincare – and the makeup industry is taking notes,” says one beauty insiders.

Makeup companies are investing in products that give extra skincare benefits. (Read about the Skincare Beauty Industry Trends of 2019). And these aren’t just the natural and organic brands. Even Urban Decay has a vegan foundation now (Urban Decay One and Done, which has peptides and brighteners).