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8 Biggest 2019 Skincare Trends

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What are the next big skincare ingredients and product formulas this year? The world’s beauty insiders boldly predict the biggest 2019 skincare trends These could be your next Holy Grail products!

Witch hazel

People have been using witch hazel for centuries, but it’s suddenly become one of the most popular skincare ingredients. It soothes and refreshes the skin, prevents acne and tightens pores. Internet searches for witch hazel tripled in 2017!  

Liquid exfoliators

People are swapping harsh facial scrubs for liquid exfoliators. They’re gentler, less messy to use, and give smoother and glowing skin in one swipe. That’s because most are made of acids that melt dead skin cells and even out your skin tone at the same time.

skincare trends 2019

Natural alternatives to retinol

Retinol is one of the best anti-aging ingredients, and most skincare experts suggest including it in your skincare routine after you turn 30. Unfortunately, it can be irritating and make you more sensitive to the sun (and you can’t hide from the sun in Singapore!)

Now there’s a gentler and more natural alternative to retinol. It’s called bakuchiol, and it’s derived from the psoralea corylifolia plant. Like retinol, it boosts collagen production for firmer and smoother skin. It’s also a powerful antioxidant!

More ampoules

Ampoules are perfectly packaged capsules that give you the perfect dose of concentrated ingredients. And since they’re airtight, even delicate ingredients like Vitamin C don’t deteriorate over time. Freshness guaranteed!

Simpler, streamlined beauty routines

The 9-step Korean beauty routine was one of the biggest skincare trends, but it could be on its way out.

More women (including Koreans) are going for short, simple regimens. They use less products, but go for more concentrated ingredients or 2-in-1 formulas (ex: toning and hydrating).   

The minimalist approach has called “skip-care” or “skin diet”. Beauty insiders are naming it the biggest 2019 Korean skincare trends. Hey, if it means we can skip all that patting and get an 5 extra minutes of sleep, we’re all for it!

skincare trends 2019

Stress-busting skincare products

Consumers are more aware of the link between physical, mental and emotional well-being and skin. So brands are now offering a more holistic approach to beauty. They’re offering beauty supplements, beauty drinks, and product lines inspired by Ayurvedic principles. While this 2019 skincare trend is just starting, beauty insiders say it’s the future of skincare. “It’s essentially ‘360-degree’ beauty – focusing as much on what we put in our bodies as on them,” says Lisa Payne, senior beauty editor at a global trends company.

Skin Healing becomes a star category

Skin healing was one of the fastest-growing skincare categories in 2018.  Decleor’s global education director Fiona Brackenbury says it’s because even people who don’t have sensitive skin are getting red, irritated skin because of sun exposure, stress, or reactions to medicine or beauty products. Expect to see more skin healing products on the shelves!

Probiotics and microbiomes

“Pollution is a big aggressor for the skin and has been linked to the rise in people suffering with sensitivity,” says celebrity dermatologist Justine Kluk.

She predicts that probiotics and microbiomes – which help your skin fight the damage caused by pollution – will become as popular as antioxidants. They’re already found in some Korean and Japanese skincare products, but she thinks more brands will start using and marketing good bacteria for skin health. “These will be one of the biggest 2019 skincare trends.”